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The Pacific pipeline will start to build in 2006 g

in the Summer per 2006 realisation of the project of the Pacific pipeline will begin. The president of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared it at meeting on problems socially - economic development republics Sakhas (Yakutia) which passes today in Yakutsk.
according to the head of the state, in April all coordination of this year will be finished, and practical work on realisation of this project in the summer will begin, the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow . Besides, the president of the Russian Federation has urged to make active working out of the Program of creation in Eastern Siberia and in the Far East uniform system of extraction and gas transportation.
the president of Russia was engaged in a question of the Pacific pipeline in October of this year, having made the corresponding order to head of the government Michael Fradkov. Before some years interested parties tried to develop the scheme of a route of the pipeline Finally, in 2004. It has been decided to build at the governmental level it to coast of Pacific ocean, instead of to Datsina (China). However after that problems have arisen with state examination of Tehniko - an economic justification project (FEASIBILITY REPORT).
as to raw projects as a whole here Vladimir Putin has supported upholding in this question of interests of the state. The state can incur obligations on infrastructure creation but then we should and distribute stocks as their cost repeatedly increases, the president of the Russian Federation has told. if at first to distribute these stocks for five copecks the one who comes on these stocks, gets nothing well-founded profit - the president has specified.
besides development of gas branch V.Putin has specified and in necessity of development of transport system of Yakutia. its development directly influences and maintenance of mobility of inhabitants of region, improvement of quality of their life. That is why today modernisation of airdromes and river ports, increase in volume passenger and a cargo transportation and on water and a railway transportation " is necessary; - the head of the state has noted.
V.Putin has noticed that development in Yakutia networks of highways is capable to lower risks on Northern delivery, to open new possibilities for business life of the population of the remote areas of republic.
the president also has paid attention to realisation of priority national projects taking into account specificity of the North and has demanded from a management of republic Sakha Jakutija of specific proposals on adjustment of accurate interaction with the federal authority in this question.