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Gazprom and Petrogas: the conflict is settled

Open Society Gazprom and NAK Petrogas of Ukraine have successfully resolved contradictions existing in the past and declare that further cooperation questions in gas sphere will dare structurally, in the spirit of mutual understanding and respect.
about it it is told in the joint statement, widespread Open Society Gazprom and NAK Petrogas of Ukraine . Thus it is especially underlined that the existing conflict is settled.
the given statement is published by the Russian and Ukrainian companies after two days after achievement of basic arrangements and signing of contracts on delivery and transit of the Russian gas on territory of Ukraine. According to documents, Gazprom with 2006. Will sell RosUkrEnergo gas at the price calculated under the formula with the initial price in 230 dollars for 1 thousand of cubic m. And Ukraine will buy from this company gas (Russian and Central Asian) on 95 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m.
Besides, agrees to the concluded long-term contract on transit of the Russian gas through Ukraine, the transit rate is raised about 1,09 dollars to 1,6 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m. on 100 km. Thus all calculations will be carried out by money.
thus Gazprom management has easy apprehended intention of the Ukrainian party not to get in 2006 the Russian gas through RosUkrEnergo and to be limited to deliveries from Central Asia. All gas which has been provided in balance of Gazprom for Ukraine, we have sold the companies RosUkrEnergo under the European formula of the price, - the official representative of the Russian company Sergey Kuprijanov has told about it. - There is an accurate understanding of that, as well as on what conditions RosUkrEnergo will deliver gas for the Ukrainian consumers. Thus for us it is a question of the second plan. We have solved our primary goals - he has declared.