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The volume of deliveries of the Russian gas to Czechia has fallen almost to 10 %

the Czech company RWE - Transgas will receive today following the results of day on 9,5 % of the Russian gas less, than usually, the representative of the company Martin Halupsky has declared.
He also has noticed that decrease in deliveries yet does not threaten gas-transport system of the country with any problems. Simultaneously representative RWE - Transgas has underlined that the company will carry out of all obligations on service of consumers at the expense of the saved up reserves.
earlier today RWE - Transgas has informed on normalisation of deliveries of the Russian gas to Czechia through Ukraine whereas the day before the company has declared reduction of volumes of deliveries of the Russian gas on 5 %.
Also today the Minister of Energy of Bulgaria has declared short-reception of an order of 8 million in cubic m of the Russian gas Ksaba Molnar. Romania and Greece also have informed today on decrease in deliveries of the Russian gas on 30 %.
In turn, French Gaz de France Suez, and also representatives of the Italian government have informed that faults with delivery of the Russian gas to France and Italy is not observed. In particular, representatives Gaz de France Suez have noticed that gas continues to arrive according to earlier reached arrangements with Gazprom.
we will remind, today the representative of Open Society Gazprom Sergey Kuprijanov has declared that Ukraine continues nesanktsionirovanno to select the Russian gas delivered by Gazprom to Europe. He has noticed that during the period from 10:00 Moscow time on January, 4th till Moscow time on January, 5th 2009. Gazprom according to demands of the European consumers and operating contract for gas transit on territory of Ukraine has submitted on an input to gas-transport system of Ukraine of 303 million in cubic m of gas, on an exit has been received all 268 million in cubic m. 35 million in cubic m of gas have disappeared in Ukraine as in to a black hole . If to add to these volumes not received 25 million in cubic m the company RosUkrEnergo totally shortage in Europe makes 60 million in cubic m - S.Kuprijanov has declared.