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Ukraine accuses Russia of decrease in deliveries of gas to Europe

NAK Naftogaz Ukraine has declared decrease in volume of deliveries of the Russian gas to Europe to third of norm. Representatives of the Ukrainian company have informed on it on Tuesday.
as they said, now through passing on territory of Ukraine the pipeline makes a gas stream about 92 million in cubic m/ day, whereas till January, 1st 2009. This indicator made about 300 million in cubic m/ day. it means that in some hours Europe will face problems in gas deliveries - quotes words of representatives Petrogas of Ukraine Reuters.
representatives of Bulgaria have already informed On falling of volume of deliveries of the Russian gas through Ukraine to critical level. As they said, now deliveries of the Russian gas to Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Macedonia are suspended.
The day before Gazprom has informed that in connection with unapproved selection of transit gas by Ukraine the company reduces since January, 5th of this year raw materials transportation to Europe through the Ukrainian territory in volumes which were illegally selected of an export pipe. According to Gazprom, from January, 1 till January, 4th Petrogas of Ukraine has selected 65,3 million in cubic m of gas. Gazprom should reduce deliveries to this volume and has offered Ukraine till 10:00 Moscow time on January, 6th to compensate to its Europe at the expense of own resources. Besides, head of Gazprom Alexey Miller declared that transit reduction through Ukraine will be continued in size corresponding to unapproved selection of gas by Ukraine a day. As he said, if Ukraine continues larceny gas, its debt to Gazprom can grow within the next few days from 614 million dollars (a debt for 2008.) To billions dollars.
from - for actions of Ukraine gas was received less by Poland, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, and also Turkey and Croatia. Gazprom at maintenance of contract obligations to Europe increases deliveries on other corridors - on a gas pipeline Yamal - Europe through Belarus and on a gas pipeline the Blue stream .