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Petrogas of Ukraine : Kiev has paid off for December gas

NAK Petrogas of Ukraine in due time also has in full paid off with Open Society Gazprom for imported in December 2009. Natural gas, is told in the communique of the Ukrainian company.
thus, Petrogas of Ukraine in 2009. As a whole has provided performance of balance of gas of the country by the imported gas. Volume of the imported natural gas in 2009. Completely answers conditions of the contract from January, 19th 2009. Between the company and Open Society Gazprom concerning volumes of purchase of gas in 2009. - specifies Petrogas of Ukraine.
also in the message it is noticed that the company in 2009. protranzitovala nearby 96 mlrd cubic m of gas in the countries of Europe.
despite of all internal political and economic complexities, NAK Petrogas of Ukraine also will carry out further the strategic tasks: Maintenance of the Ukrainian consumers in sufficient volumes of natural gas, realisation of uninterrupted transit of natural gas on territories of Ukraine and maintenance of steady work of all Euroasian gas-transport system - concludes Petrogas of Ukraine.
earlier the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Yury Prodan has declared that Ukraine will pay off for consumed in December 2009. The Russian gas till January, 11th, today - tomorrow . Under its information, Ukraine should pay to Gazprom of 892 million dollars
Today, on January, 6th, it became known that the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has addressed to the chairman of National bank of Ukraine Vladimir Stelmahu with the request urgently to collect board of bank and through mechanisms of the repayment of securities of the government to provide payment of the consumed Russian gas by Ukraine.