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Mail of Russia it is compelled to search for alternative schemes of delivery

Mail of Russia develops alternative schemes of delivery of items of mail to addressees. Such necessity is caused by that on New Year`s vacation the Russian airlines have cancelled some hundreds flights, a significant amount of trains is besides reduced on holidays.
as have informed in FGUP Mail of Russia all it has created considerable complexities with transportation of items of mail and in the created conditions of transport deficiency the federal post operator is compelled to undertake necessary measures for timely sending to the addressee of correspondence.
so, only on the airports of the Moscow aviaknot the airlines involved in transportation of mail, during the period intend to cancel from December, 31st, till January, 9th, 2012 427 flights: 278 flights will be cancelled from Domodedovo, 79 of Vnukovo and 70 of the Sheremetyevo. And cancellation of flights will concern all directions: Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok and Novosibirsk, Volgograd and Krasnodar, and also many other cities.
as have noted in FGUP, considering that each flight should transport on the average 500 kg of items of mail, 213,5 tons of post cargoes have no possibility of timely sending. Complexity is connected as by that Moscow is the main centre of sorting and processing of the international items of mail in Russia, and in peak New Year`s loadings accumulation of departures in capital will daily accrue.
in turn railwaymen have started to cancel unprofitable flights since December, 12th when the first train Ekaterinburg - Moscow has been excellent. In total since December, 12th 2011 on January, 12th 2012. On this route 21 flight will be excellent. 10 more flights to a route Ekaterinburg - Orenburg from December, 20th till January, 10th are cancelled. Thus, the centre of Western Siberia appears almost cut off from two places of the international post exchange in Moscow and Orenburg that creates considerable difficulties on delivery in region of items of mail.
for New Year`s vacation flights between St.-Petersburg and Vorkuta, St.-Petersburg and Arkhangelsk are cancelled that also creates problems on delivery of items of mail in northern areas of the country with MMPO Pulkovo.
as have told in to Mail of Russia to provide the prompt delivery of correspondence to the clients the company uses alternative schemes and routes of delivery of items of mail with active use of motor transport. At the same time pochtoviki intend to use as much as possible and the remained possibilities aviation and a railway transportation, on the one hand, having increased limits of loading by mail by carried out flights at the expense of the decreased volume of passenger traffic, with another - having provided constant shipment of mail for directions of the Far East and the Far North with use of transit knots in Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk.
despite a difficult transport situation Mail of Russia intend to involve all available possibilities for timely delivery of items of mail to the clients. Nevertheless, in the created situation pochtoviki ask senders and addressees of items of mail with understanding to concern possible delays with correspondence delivery - have noted in FGUP Mail of Russia .