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A.Lukashenko has forbidden Natsbank to print money

On Monday, on February, 6th, the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, accepting with the report the head of National bank Nadezhdu Ermakovu, has charged to it to lower the rate of refinancing and has forbidden to print money .
According to the Belarus president, at normal functioning of economy and work of labour collectives during year - one and a half years it will be possible not only return on former positions on a salary of people but also to surpass them.
at this A.Lukashenko has forbidden to include the press and has told that a situation in economy stable .
We should not print money at all. It is absolutely excluded. We have a possibility to earn normal money that people have felt life improvement. It already occurs, and, I think that if we normally leave this uneasy winter, I mean, that it was not necessary peresevat crops from - for a frost we will find this money and in addition for it we will not spend. Therefore a situation more - less normal - the press - service of the head of Belarus gives of A.Lukashenko`s word.
according to A.Lukashenko, all should forget that on crediting issue money " can be used;. Those financial assets which will be earned in economy as a whole Should be used only, he has underlined.
as N.Ermakova has reported, for last three months the Belarusian rouble exchange rate remained stable and its only insignificant fluctuations were observed; in the end of January - the beginning of February its strengthening that is connected with increase in sale of currency at a stock exchange is noticed. Obligatory sale of currency (30 % of a currency gain) has increased approximately by 42 million dollars
Economy financial side shows today quite good results, - has told the head of Natsbank. - if all key parametres of functioning of the currency market were constantly such, as now it would be very good help as a whole for effective work of economy. We hope that and will be .