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BP has returned to profit in 2011., having earned $25,7 mlrd

the British oil giant BP in 2011. Has definitively recovered from failure consequences in Gulf of Mexico, having returned to profit after losses at a rate of 3,72 mlrd dollars in 2010. Past year the company has earned 25,7 mlrd dollars at a gain 386,46 mlrd dollars (+25 %).
Thus profit BP Plc. For IV quarter 2011. Has grown to 7,69 mlrd dollars (+38 %), and a gain - to 96,34 mlrd dollars (+14,7 %) against the growing prices for oil.
according to chief executive BP Robert Dadli, III quarter 2011. Became a turning point for the company after which its extraction and profit should show stable growth. Last year extraction of the oil giant has considerably fallen: oil flood in Gulf of Mexico has forced it to sell a part of actives, and on a number of deposits - to stop manufacture for the sake of safety check.
the Russian actives of the company also have shown rather quite good results - a share of British oil and gas company BP Plc. In net profit of joint venture of the multinational corporation - VR in 2011. Has grown in 1,6 times - to 4,18 mlrd dollars Volume of oil recovery and multinational corporation gas - BP, a share the British company, has grown past year on 2,8 % - to 994 thousand barr./ day in an oil equivalent.
BP remains the extraction second for volumes by the oil company of Europe after Royal Dutch/ Shell. A staff - the apartment is located in London, staff BP makes about 80 thousand employees.