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Turkey has suspended gas deliveries to Greece

Turkey completely has stopped giving of natural gas to Greece, transfers Reuters referring to representatives of local authorities. It has occurred after as a result of technical problems on a platform deliveries of gas from the Azerbaijan deposit the Shah - Deniz have stopped.
In company BP Azerbaijan have explained that during preventive works in system of an electrical supply of a platform Shah Deniz the automatic system of a stop of a platform has worked. Extraction from all four chinks has been as a result stopped.
It is expected that to evening of work will be finished, and gas production will be restored in a former mode, hope in BP Azerbaijan.
we Will remind that now on jugo - the east of Europe the cold was established for region weather. Europeans have faced deficiency of gas and have requested additional volumes of Gazprom. However that recognised, what not in a condition to execute these requests - approach of the present winter colds in the Russia has forced the gas giant even to reduce for a short while export volumes on the European direction.
as to direct situations with Greece problems with deliveries from Turkey at it arise already the second time for last 1,5 weeks. So, past week Turkey has unilaterally reduced volumes of delivered gas to two thirds from - for the abnormal colds established in region. Gas prorolling has started to increase only yesterday, and it was expected that volumes of deliveries will return to usual indicators within the next few days.
Greece annually imports to 800 mlrd cubic m of the Azerbaijan gas from Turkey. Turkey annually imports 10 mlrd cubic m of gas from Iran, and 6,6 more mlrd the country annually receives cubic m of gas from Azerbaijan.