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FAS the Federal antimonopoly service of Russia (FAS) has fined the manufacturer of vodka Beluga for doubtful advertising

has fined Open Society Mariinsky likero - vodka distillery entering into large alcoholic holding of Open Society the Synergy on 110 thousand rbl. for doubtful advertising of vodka Beluga.
As has informed the adviser zamglavy FAS Andrey Kashevarova Marina Sanansky, sense of the instruction in stopping the further distribution of this advertising as it misleads consumers . Thus, representative FAS has explained, the company should change the text of advertising of production and if the incorrect text contains on a label and to change a label.
earlier, on December, 27th 2011., the commission of antimonopoly department has brought action and recognised as doubtful advertising Beluga from - for statements that Vodka make in a non-polluting corner of Siberia where on 300 kilometres around there are no industrial objects . Commission FAS has found out that in immediate proximity and within 300 km from a vodka point of production there is enough of industrial objects. Thus, does conclusion FAS, such advertising contradicts requirements of point 2 of a part of 3 articles 5 FZ About advertising .
the Occasion to excitation of administrative business in the relation of one of factories Synergies the reference en face the head of Consumers union of the Russian Federation Peter Shelishcha has served. In it the complaint of the Russian that " was resulted; the manufacturer intentionally deceives consumers, declaring in advertising ecological cleanliness of the product.
in the complaint also it was said that the point of production of vodka Beluga - the city of Mariinsk of the Kemerovo region - does not fall under definition a non-polluting corner As there there are large industrial enterprises polluting environment.
the consumers union has checked up this information and has established that in radius of 300 km from a point of production of vodka Beluga settles down not less than 42 industrial enterprises, including chemical and metallurgical which pollute the rivers of a river basin Tom` oil products, phenols, connections of nitrogen, iron, copper, zinc and manganese.
Besides, it has been established that in a city there is very dangerous source of pollution of soils, gruntov and a surface water - a burial ground of the cattle which has fallen from the Siberian ulcer in 1960 - e gg . From burial ground territory there is a washout of dangerous polluting substances in a surface water. Full neutralisation of harmful influence of a burial ground is calculated for 70 years, that is to 2030 - h - has informed P.Shelishch.
Thus as the head of Consumers union of the Russian Federation has noted, the manufacturer of vodka Beluga openly declared weak clearing of water used in manufacture: from it rough impurity left only.