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Kasyanov has forbidden mobile phones in cars

the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov has signed the decision about an interdiction to drivers to use a mobile phone during car movement. Russia has gone by the way of the civilised world.
in many countries already there are similar restrictions. Growth of number of the failures occurring on roads at the moment of telephone conversations of drivers being at the wheel becomes the reason of their introduction.
in the decision of the head of the government some additions to Traffic regulations (traffic regulations) contain. The most important thing - about application " Is a question of car checkup, transportation of children, but; mobile phones . According to the decision, in point 2. 7 traffic regulations are made addition to which henceforth to drivers it is forbidden to use during movement by phone which has been not equipped with the technical device, allowing to carry on negotiations without use of hands .
That who does not represent the life without a mobile phone including at the wheel, now it is necessary to take care of how to avoid a superfluous meeting with the car inspector. This meeting can terminate in the prevention or the penalty in 0,2 minimum wage rates.
the exit is are systems hands - free allowing thanks to ear-phones not to involve at hand conversation. In the street sellers of such systems there comes a holiday.
new rules will start to operate since April, 1st of current year.