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Deputies of the State Duma against the Pope

Deputies of the State Duma have charged to committee on the international affairs to direct in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation official inquiry apropos Catholicism expansion .
the Duma interests, what measures are undertaken by the government of the Russian Federation for a non-admission of expansion of Catholicism in territory of Russia and other orthodox states. The project of the commission has been placed for consideration chamber vitse - speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky.
deputies ask, in particular, about reaction of the Russian foreign policy department to John Pavel II forthcoming visit to Kiev. Besides, it is entrusted to committee of the State Duma on culture and tourism to request in the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation the information on returning prospects to Russia icons of the Kazan Divine mother who now are in Vatican.
we will remind, relations between Russian Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox Church) and Vatican rather strained. In Russia till now cannot reconcile to destruction of orthodox temples in the Western Ukraine, exile from them orthodox Christians, and at times even with physical violence concerning them. In 1989 - 1991 Catholics have violently grasped 2,5 thousand orthodox temples in Galicia and till now do not agree any concessions to the orthodox.
moreover, recently Vatican obviously stirred up the activity in Ukraine, in particular, contacts with dissenting the Kiev patriarchy and Avtokefalnoj church. And John Pavel II is going to visit Kiev. The purpose of all of it as suspect of Moscow, - to select at Russian Orthodox Church the Ukrainian arrivals and to subordinate new ecumenical formation to Vatican.
However, one of these days Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II has declared that does not exclude possibility of a meeting with the Pope . At the same time he considers that Any negotiations should be well prepared and all obstacles in this way " should be eliminated;. And here when it happens - One man`s guess is as good as another`s.