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In Czechia judge were sotsrukovoditelej

Not over one Milosevic litigations in the countries were sotslagerja prepare. Accusation in excess of the power today is brought With Czechia to five former statesmen of socialist Czechoslovakia. Among accused the former Minister for Foreign Affairs of the country Jaromir Obzhina and four high-ranking agents of secret services of Czechia STB. All of them are accused of rendering of pressure upon Czechoslovak dissidents in which result the last have been compelled to leave the country.
as the representative of the Czech Commission on investigation of crimes of a communistic epoch of Jan Srb, as a result of spent accused has declared today to activity approximately to 50 fighters for the human rights, signed so-called “ the Charter - 77 “ it was necessary “ voluntary “ to emigrate from Czechoslovakia to the period with 1978 for 1984. Now, if accused will be recognised by guilty, to them threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.
According to the statement of Srba, in the nearest some months can be brought similar accusation to 13 more officials heading in 1978 - 1984 regional branches STB. We will remind that “ the Charter - 77 “ has been made in January, 1977 by group of dissidents, including present the president of Czechia Vaclav Gavel, and has been widely advertised by the western mass-media. All signed the manifesto have undergone to rigid political prosecutions up to imprisonment and have been compelled to leave the country under the pressure of a mode.
something similar occurs and in Poland. Recently constitutional court of this country has authorised for bringing to criminal liability of general Vojtseha of the Jaruzelsky, former president of Poland. On it, in particular, it is made responsible for  destruction in 1970 44 workers during strike suppression shipyards of Gdansk. It is necessary to notice that pposle socialism crash in Poland, in 1989 any former high-ranking functionary of a socialist era has not been involved in responsibility for punishment over workers of Gdansk yet.
it is not necessary away from this process and Bulgaria. The Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges against last chairman of Bulgarian Committee for State Security Dimitra Ivanov. Him accuse of destruction of archives of communistic special services, including the classified information. Ivanov while has not reacted in any way to it. Now it is the editor of the newspaper of Socialist party.