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Berezovsky will keep control over TV - 6?

session of board of directors of Joint-Stock Company " Today has taken place; MNVK (TV Broadcasting company - 6). At session the decision on carrying out of the next meeting of shareholders is accepted on March, 22nd, 2001. On it two basic questions will be discussed: election of new structure of board of directors and increase in an authorised capital stock of the company. Under the informal data, the new structure of council will include Patarkatsishvili (chairman), Ponomarev, Berezovsky and Fomitchyov.
the list of candidates, mark in a broadcasting company, testifies that 75 % of percent of shares of a broadcasting company completely legally have passed under Berezovsky`s control and structures supervised by it. obviously, essential change of structure of shareholders is carried out for maintenance of the preparing transaction with group Kirsh - Media (Germany) on sale to group of a considerable share of actions of TV - 6 consider in a broadcasting company.
In spite of the fact that in board of directors there will be loyal to Berezovsky persons, nevertheless it is possible to say that media - Berezovsky`s empire breaks up. Earlier he has sold 49 % of actions of ORT belonging to it. The government has undertaken at once a number of steps to establish control over Public Russian television.
the information that, probably, post will be left by the chairman of board of directors of a broadcasting company of TV - 6 (which also it is connected with Berezovsky) Edward Sagalayev also has arrived. Two days ago he has declared that is ready to resign at the nearest meeting of shareholders. However, on its place, probably, will put the present councillor of directors of ORT Igor Shabdurasulov.
anyway, it is possible to draw quite natural conclusion: after sale of a share holding of TV - 6 (which 75 % make) at Berezovsky any more will not be real control over country mass-media.