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M.Khodorkovsky laundered money in Switzerland

At least so banker Andre Strebel and businessman Ernest Bakes confirm. They have put in the statement in Office of Public Prosecutor of Switzerland.
the representative of federal Office of Public Prosecutor of Switzerland Mark Vedmer has told about this statement the day before, transfers Edicom. M.Vedmer has not informed on what steps have been undertaken in this plan by the Swiss justice, having limited only to acknowledgement of the fact of receipt of the given statement.
applicants inform that M.Khodorkovsky in 1995. Has translated to Switzerland of ten millions dollars that has been made within the limits of the transaction on purchase by the company Menatep the companies Avisma .
Meanwhile, communication between searches in frameworks YUKOS affairs and statements of businessmen the Office of Public Prosecutor of Switzerland denies. It was declared by the representative of federal Office of Public Prosecutor of Switzerland Mark Vedmer, transfers Edicom. Nevertheless, the facts testify that this communication can be tracked.
one of these days the police of Switzerland at the desire of the Russian authorities has spent searches at offices of some the companies in territory of Switzerland in connection with legal investigation NK YUKOS transfers AP. Policemen have searched offices in Zurich and Geneva, and also in cantons Fribur and Shvits in the central Switzerland.
during searches documents have been withdrawn and an interview number is spent. Representatives of the Swiss police have refused to name the companies to which spot-checks and as - or to comment on character of the withdrawn papers have been spent. However they have informed that all documents withdrawn during searches, will be transferred the Russian side within the limits of the program of the international legal assistance.
the inquiry of the Russian side about rendering assistance in investigation has been received by the Swiss authorities in August 2003. In it names of people which, according to the Russian side, have been got mixed up in swindle at carrying out of trading operations with fertilizers, oil and oil products contained. The money received from transactions, was spent through the Swiss companies and bank accounts.
in turn, NK YUKOS denies messages on searches in the structures in Switzerland. On it has informed a press - the secretary of YUKOS Alexander Shadrin. He has declared that any searches in the companies belonging to YUKOS, were not spent . Thus A.Shadrin has noticed that employees of the structures under control to YUKOS, were not interrogated also any documents in the companies not withdrawn.