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Accession to WTO will increase gross national product of Ukraine by 1,5 %

the Introduction of Ukraine into the WTO will provide in addition 1,5 - 1,9 % of growth of gross national product, the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in an evening aether on the First national TV channel has informed on March, 6th.
as a whole this process gives approximately increase in goods turnover for the country on 10 %, and, according to experts, in growth of a national produce from it we expect from 1,5 to 1,9 % at the rate on a year - he has told.
important enough report between Ukraine and connected by States of America today subscribes. It is a solving victory which has been reached within the limits of negotiating process for the last some weeks - has declared V.Jushchenko.
meanwhile, the document is already signed. In the official ceremony which have taken place in Washington of signing of the agreement have taken part the representative of the USA at Rob Portman trading negotiations and the Minister of Economics of Ukraine Arseny Jatsenjuk, informs Associated Press.
After signing by two countries of the agreement the document should be ratified the House of Representatives of the Congress of the USA. Earlier American senate has already approved the decision on joining of Ukraine to the WTO.
we will remind that the agreement on conditions of joining of Ukraine to the WTO has been reached by representatives of Kiev and Washington on March, 2nd.
according to V.Jushchenko, the effect from accession to WTO will follow immediately. So, he considers that if the mode enters from the second quarter 2006., under the budget and filling of goods turnover the country will feel changes already from the fourth quarter.
the head of the state has underlined that now against the Ukrainian manufacturers tens antidumping and special investigations are conducted, and their losses are estimated in billions grivnas. Accession to WTO will allow to avoid these losses since all processes against Ukraine will be considered on the basis of the new status.
we Will remind also that on December, 21st, 2005 the European union officially recognised Ukraine as the country with market economy. Such decision was accepted at the summit Ukraine - EU.
the status of the country with market economy is the important purpose for all Post-Soviet republics. It is considered that the corresponding recognition is a signal for investors who ostensibly will start to put up at once money. Besides, the market economy status theoretically should facilitate a way to the goods on the markets of the western countries for variety of restrictions in this case acts in film.