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TPP Dnestr region: Blockade of Tiraspol causes a damage of the Russian Federation

Economic blockade of Dnestr region the essential damage causes to the Russian business, the president Trading - industrial chamber (TPP) Dnestr region Vasily Kozhan has informed journalists in Tiraspol.
As he said, the Russian business suffers, as from - for new rules of crossing of cargoes the goods intended for export to the Russian consumers, have appeared are detained on border with Ukraine. V.Korzhan has underlined that the foreign trade turnover of Dnestr region makes nearby 1,5 mlrd dollars a year. Thus barter of Dnestr region with Russia is equal about 300 million dollars a year.
head TPP of Dnestr region has noticed that the Russian investors take active part in privatisation processes in Dnestr region, and now the Russian capital participates in activity of the Dnestr enterprises of mechanical engineering, power and other branches. Ukraine should be well informed that has broken the rights of Russia. Dnestr managing subjects co-operate with the Russian enterprises which accept our goods with Dnestr certificates - has noted V.Korzhan.
As he said, at negotiations Dnestr and Russian businessmen will discuss developed critical situation with representatives TPP of Russia. Head TPP of Dnestr region has noticed that the scheme which Ukraine and Moldova try to impose Tiraspol, will lead to increase in a cost of transportation, and consequently, to increase in the cost price of production on the average on 30 % that will make its noncompetitive in foreign markets.
we will remind that since March, 3rd of current year Ukraine has started to pass through the border only those Dnestr cargoes which are issued by customs service of Moldova. In Tiraspol this step have regarded as introduction of economic blockade of Dnestr region, depriving region of the right to independent foreign trade activities.
Thus the secretary general of Council of the European union, the Supreme representative of EU concerning foreign policy and the general safety Javier Solana welcomed actions of Ukraine and Moldova concerning Dnestr region. As H.Solana is marked in the statement extended the day before, realisation of this statement is very important step in respect of an order establishment on Moldavian - the Ukrainian border to that EU attaches huge significance.
H.Solana has urged economic agents of Dnestr region of Moldova to be registered in corresponding departments in Kishinev to provide unobstructed movement of the goods through border. He also has urged the self-proclaimed Dnestr authorities not to interfere with registration.
H. Solana has confirmed that EU is ready, in particular, by means of EU Mission on assistance on border for Moldova and Ukraine, to support in the permission of practical difficulties which can arise at the first stage of introduction of a new mode. As he said, in this connection EU Mission on assistance on border will hold today a meeting with the Ukrainian and Moldavian customs departments.
the secretary general of Council of EU has declared that condemns any efforts of the self-proclaimed Dnestr authorities directed on preventing to free international trade. I also confirm firm obligations of EU concerning territorial integrity of Moldova - it is told in H.Solany`s statement.
In turn the president Trading - industrial chamber of Dnestr region Vasily Korzhan has sent the letter to president TPP of the Russian Federation Evgenie Primakov in whom the request contains to promote prevention full-scale socially - an economic crisis in PMR and to maintenance of stable foreign trade activities.
for this V.Korzhan asks E.Primakov to address to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin and in the government of the Russian Federation as to the country - to the guarantor, and also the participant of negotiating process, for the purpose of rendering of assistance in prevention of economic blockade of Dnestr region.
also Tiraspol asks Russia to start teamwork on creation of the steady is international the recognised mechanism of realisation of the right of the Dnestr party on independent foreign trade activities. As it is marked, such mechanism could operate till the moment of definitive settlement of relations between Moldova and Dnestr region.
Head TPP of Dnestr region underlines that introduction of a new mode of moving of the Dnestr goods through the Ukrainian border on the basis tovarosoprovoditelnyh and customs documents with the Moldavian customs seals will strengthen tax loading on managing subjects of region.
at a rough guess, repeated strengthening of financial loading on the Dnestr enterprises in connection with necessity of additional payment of gathering and taxes for the budget of Moldova a minimum of 150 million dollars Absence of the Moldavian customs maintenance and an export suspension becomes result of the given actions threatens with failure of the international contracts already concluded by the enterprises of Dnestr region and, as consequence, by charge of penal sanctions, fines, loss of business partners.
Century Korzhan notices that in existing conditions similar actions mean a stop of the enterprises, a rise in prices for essential commodities on 30 - 50 % that will result finally, in scale humanitarian accident. As he said, only for 2 days of economic blockade of Dnestr region in check points on pridnestrovsko - the Ukrainian border has accumulated more than 20 motor vehicles going to the address of economic agents of the Russian Federation, undergone procedure of customs registration.
he has noticed that in 2005. Dnestr export to the Russian Federation has made 231,5 million dollars, and import - 189,3 million dollars of V.Korzhan has underlined that socially - the economic collapse of Dnestr region, as consequence of Ukrainian - the Moldavian actions, becomes blow for all people of Dnestr region.
Head TPP of Dnestr region also has noticed that unilateral actions of Moldova on change of an order of moving of the Dnestr goods through border with Ukraine testify to ignoring by the Moldavian authorities of positions of the Memorandum 1997., Dnestr region fixing the right to independent foreign trade activities.