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To solve problems with debts in housing and communal services it is possible only at level of municipalities

Non-payments in housing and communal services sphere during the last years have got scales of present municipal epidemic. According to the minister of regional development Victor Basargina at session of the interdepartmental commission concerning re-structuring and repayment of debts by the enterprises housing - municipal services in December of last year, debts of the municipal enterprises for 10 months 2011 have reached 781 mlrd roubles. From them 472 mlrd roubles is debts against suppliers toplivno - power and it is material - technical resources. The minister has underlined that these figures have grown more than on 2/ 3 in comparison with the similar period of last year.

the Rostov region in this respect, alas, not an exception. The power marketing companies operating in territory of area, Open Company Donenergosbyt and Open Society Power sale of Rostovenergo From year to year mark growth of volumes of debts of the enterprises of municipal sphere. today there was very strange situation: heads of the municipal enterprises consider that energetikam it is possible simply - naprosto not to pay for services! - Valentine Gorobtsov, the general director of Open Society " marks; Power sale of Rostovenergo the assistant to the general director of Open Company Donenergosbyt . In special interview Valentine Gorobtsov tells about how such policy of non-payments is reflected in end users, about the reasons of a current situation and measures which will allow to solve a problem of growth of debts before energetikami.

Valentine Mihajlovich Gorobtsov heads Open Society Power sale of Rostovenergo since September, 13th, 2011. Valentine Gorobtsov comes from village Osikovo of the Rostov region. With 1973 for 1997 served in the Russian Armed forces. Then till 2004 supervised over the municipal enterprise FOR housing and communal services the Metallurgist in Cherepovets the Vologda area, was the deputy of a municipal duma of Cherepovets. With 2004 for 2008 - the assistant to the Mayor of Vologda on carrying out of reform of housing and communal services. From May, 15th till October, 31st, 2008 executed powers of the Mayor of Vologda. Then has been invited to work in the Government of the Vologda area where as the first deputy of the Governor of the Vologda area has headed Department of development of municipal unions. In sphere of responsibility of Valentine Gorobtsova there were building questions, housing and communal services and developments of municipalities.

- Valentine Mihajlovich, the debts of the Don enterprises of municipal sphere against the power marketing companies for last year have how much grown?

- It is compelled to establish the sad fact: 2011 became almost record from the point of view of growth of volumes of debts from the housing and communal services enterprises. As of January, 1st, 2011 the municipal enterprises of the Rostov region owed to the power marketing companies Power sale of Rostovenergo and Donenergosbyt in total 1,5 mlrd roubles. The sum in itself rather big, for any business such volume of accounts payable - serious loading. However for last year this sum has grown still almost on 600 million roubles, having made by January, 2012 2,1 mlrd rbl. it is necessary to notice that the essential share in a total sum of debts of the enterprises of housing and communal services is occupied with debts of management companies - more than 600 million rbl. For a year volumes of debts of management companies have grown on 200 million roubles.

dynamics of figures, certainly, very disturbing. We should reflect that will be at such approach further - in a year, through two. Absolutely clearly that the existing system of interaction of the power marketing companies with the housing and communal services enterprises needs perfection. And to do it it is necessary as soon as possible, differently the growing shaft of non-payments will turn back destabilization of power sector of region, and it to some extent will concern each inhabitant of area.

- with what are connected, in your opinion, non-payments from the housing and communal services enterprises, and in particular, management companies?

- It is assured that if to ask the head of any enterprise of housing and communal services or a management company why in its organisation the delay of payment for the consumed energy has been admitted, it, certainly, will find the weighty reasons. For example, will refer to non-payments of end users for utilities. However, as the minister of regional development of the Russian Federation Victor Basargin has noted on one of the meetings, according to 96 % of the population pays utilities in time, but to suppliers of municipal resources, including, energetikov, these means if reach, with the big delay.

One more reason which sometimes result as argument as heads of the enterprises of municipal sphere, and representatives of some municipalities, is ostensibly overestimated tariffs for the electric power. However I can assure you that the power marketing companies operate strictly within the limits of the law, the tariff policy is formed according to necessary standards, tariffs for our services are without fail co-ordinated with regional service under tariffs. Another matter that today owing to a deterioration of a municipal infrastructure at the housing and communal services enterprises there are essential losses of the electric power. End users do not pay these losses, all loading lays down on the enterprise. However it already a problem of the head of the company how to make so that to reduce losses to a minimum, to optimise the electric power expense. Practice shows that to many heads who competently approach to management to the enterprises, it is possible to cope with this problem successfully.

in my opinion, nevertheless it is necessary to search for a principal cause of growing volumes of debts of the municipal enterprises in other - in degree of responsibility of heads of the enterprises of housing and communal services for the actions. Today not to pay energetikam - practically norm . After all all understand that uninterrupted supply of electricity is, first of all, a question social. If you do not pay delivery of any goods of any commercial company against you with the big share of probability will bring an action, will refuse to work with you further, will break off all relations as with the unreliable partner. At work with the power marketing companies a situation another. As though we would like, we cannot exclude the malicious defaulter from the list of the partners as we are guaranteeing suppliers of the electric power in territory of the Rostov region. And to the last we will postpone an extreme measure - restriction of supply of electricity. After all we understand that behind each enterprise of housing and communal services, behind each management company there are people. Concrete consumers, giving for utilities a powerful share of the incomes, are not guilty that the management company, is in whose zone of responsibility their house, has decided to use this money not for payment of invoices of the supplier of power resources, and absolutely for other purposes. Unfortunately, this social aspect of activity of the power marketing companies now is even more often used by unfair heads of the enterprises of housing and communal services as possibility to save on payment of invoices for power resources.

- And still, whether there are at the power marketing companies any effective measures of influence on debtors? For example, the reference with the claim in court about debts collecting?

- Certainly, and we very actively use possibility of the decision of questions in a judicial order. In 2011 the power marketing companies have made claims to the budgetary organisations and the private commercial companies for a total sum of 630 million rbl. One more way of influence on defaulters - restrictions of deliveries of the electric power. Unfortunately, we are compelled to resort to this measure of influence even more often. So, if in 2010 of Open Society Power sale of Rostovenergo has directed 10 000 notices on restriction of supply of electricity, in 2011 - already 17 000. And for January, 2012 our employees have dispatched notices to five thousand subscribers.

I Will notice that when business reaches the extreme measures, very many defaulters all - taki find possibility to extinguish debts. So, in 2011 claims for the sum of 554 million roubles, that is, more than 90 % from a total sum of the submitted statements of claim have been satisfied. From five thousand the consumers which have received the notices on restriction of deliveries of the electric power in January, 4 711 subscribers have already paid accounts for our services.

- in other words, these measures are effective enough?

- They, certainly, yield result. But it is necessary to consider, it is possible what to bring an action only against that organisation which conducts economic activities. And if the enterprise has gone bankrupt, having saved up preliminary essential sum of debts for the electric power? It is almost impossible to return these means subsequently. It is enough to remember only an epopee with consistently going bankrupt water companies which worked in territory of several areas of the Rostov region. Total debt of these companies to the power marketing companies - over 700 million roubles.

it is not necessary to forget and about the time factor. We can bring an action the claim against this or that enterprise only after the expiration of a certain time interval. All this time debts collects. Besides, litigation - long enough procedure, it can proceed months.

meanwhile, we cannot suspend the activity pending while to all of us - taki will pay for the put electric power. We continue to work, buy the electric power in the wholesale power market, to render services to consumers. We are compelled to compensate the saved up multi-billion debts bank credits. Last year the sum of the percent paid by the power marketing companies under credits has reached 80 million roubles. On predesigns, this year taking into account growth of debts against the power marketing companies we should pay about 90 million roubles, repaying percent on the involved loans.

and, unfortunately, it is necessary to pay off for irresponsibility of debtors to end users, the population. After all all our production costs, including expenses on service of credits, are considered at formation of tariffs. One of the reasons of constant increase of tariffs for the electric power consists in it: chronic non-payments energetikam. At the same time it can be avoided under condition of formation of more competent system of work with consumers, including, with the housing and communal services enterprises.

- how, in your opinion, it is possible to generate such system?

- In this question I completely agree with heads of our country - the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. During meetings concerning development of municipal sphere they repeatedly underlined an important role of municipalities in the decision of the collected problems. In particular, at session of presidium of the State Council on housing and communal services problems on October, 4th, 2011 Dmitry Medvedev has noted: the Condition housing - municipal services is purely municipal and regional zone of responsibility . Vladimir Putin at session of Presidium of the Government has specified on November, 10th, 2011 in necessity to hold a situation in housing and communal services sphere under constant control of the regional authorities, strictly to watch that anybody as we already repeatedly spoke, is not dared to pick pocket to citizens .

we can confirm Justice of these statements with experience of our power marketing companies. Analyzing a current situation in different areas of the Rostov region, debts structure for electric power deliveries, we visually see that very many depends on a policy of local authorities. In those areas where heads of municipalities really understand the problem, realise the responsibility before citizens, constantly keep control of a situation in housing and communal services sphere, debts of the enterprises for electric power deliveries are minimum. As an example it is possible to result a state of affairs in the Mine city: after change of a supervising command we have felt real improvement of a situation in this municipal union. Here partner relations with the enterprises are gradually built, the tendency to reduction of debts against the power marketing companies is available. Very well, in my opinion, managerial processes by municipal services in Volgodonsk are organised.

unfortunately, there are also other examples. In Rostov-on-Don for a year the debts of one only management companies before the power marketing companies have increased on 62 million roubles: with 205 to 267 million. In Bataysk debts volumes have grown from 37 million roubles to 55 million. Even more seriously a situation in Taganrog. In this city for a year debts have increased in 4 times: last year was 4 million roubles, this year - 16 million. And such examples it is possible to result more many.

I Think, law is clear: today to solve a question with chronic non-payments for the electric power it is possible exclusively at level of municipalities. Because only heads of cities and areas have real levers of influence on debtors.

- as the municipal union administration can affect this situation? After all private management companies are not under control directly to municipality?

- it is valid, the management company is a private business. But it works in territory of concrete municipal union. We also want that or not, but for results of its activity, for that, inhabitants of the concrete house are how much provided by the electric power, heat, water, anyhow it is necessary to answer the mayor or the head of area. Because, coming on this post, he automatically incurred certain obligations to inhabitants of the territory. And its direct problem - to organise work, including, in municipal sphere so that all functioned without uniform failure.

possessing long-term experience in a city administration of Vologda and the Government of the Vologda area, I very well understand, how much big possibilities each head of municipality today possesses. It co-operates with power structures, with tax police, with housing inspection and other structures. And if the enterprise working in territory of municipal union, has started to accumulate accounts payable for electric power deliveries, the problem of the mayor or the head of area consists in charging to corresponding structures to understand the situation reasons. To initiate check, to carry out the analysis of economic activities of the enterprise. And if as a result of check any infringements are found out (and practice shows that infringements meet practically on all problem the housing and communal services enterprises) to involve heads of a management company to administrative, and it is possible, and a criminal liability. Moreover, under the law if in local authorities citizens with complaints to bad work of this or that management company the head of municipality has the right to hold within 5 days meeting with tenants address, and in 15 - dnevnyj term to make the decision on management company change.

and influence methods on the enterprises of housing and communal services and management companies which do not consult with the work, today it is enough Ways. Another matter that mayors of cities and the head of areas of area practically do not use them.

- that to it disturbs, in your opinion?

- It is necessary to look at a concrete situation in municipality. The reasons can be different. One of them - insufficient attention from the mayor or the head of area to these problems. Often, communicating with heads of administration of this or that territory, we see that they not in a course of a current situation with debts on fee energetikam, do not own exact figures, do not conduct regular monitoring. Though now, on mine vzgljad, it is difficult to remain indifferent to this problem: the situation with non-payments left on critical level, these questions regularly rise at level of the first persons of the country.

the reason can be and banal unwillingness of the head of municipality to put things in order among the enterprises of housing and communal services and management companies. I think, for anybody not the secret that frequently is present at work of the municipal enterprises a corruption component. I will quote Vladimir Putin`s words: There are bases to believe that in some places management companies are anyhow closely connected with a municipal management . Certainly, in this case the situation becomes practically patovoj: neither officials, nor heads of the enterprises of housing and communal services are not interested in toughening of control over activity of the municipal organisations. After all owing to imperfection of the legislation of possibilities for grey from housing and communal services sphere today it is a lot of schemes of withdrawal of money. For example, cases, when management companies " are known; exchanged houses, or new legal bodies with the unique purpose created - to confuse the financial account, to redirect monetary streams in a direction favourable by it. If regularly to raise money from citizens and thus to detain payment to suppliers of power resources or not to pay at all, represent, how much favourable can be such business ? It is necessary to understand that every day unpaid amount for the put resources are additional dividends for in what hands money resources are accumulated.

it is excessive to say what to compensate corruption schemes it is necessary end users. Again I will refer to words of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation at the expanded session on local government development on May, 23rd, 2011 which has noticed that Cost of housing and communal services increases not only at the expense of growth of tariffs of natural monopolies and the municipal organisations, but also from - for appetites of management companies. It is necessary to conduct accurate control of their activity, and in case of need to stop them, on hands to give there where it is necessary .

- whether There are already concrete examples, when any management company gave on hands ?

- Now subjects of the Russian Federation make the address list of all operating organisations which accounts payable on 10 % exceeds debitorskuju. This list is transferred in Rosfinmonitoring, and all transactions which are made with this money, are carefully analyzed and supervised. Only for 9 months of last year the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has raised about 1,5 thousand criminal cases on the facts of infringements in housing and communal services sphere. However if federal structures, without participation and support of local authorities the situation will change very slowly are engaged in these questions only.

meanwhile, a state of affairs in housing and communal services all becomes more serious. For example, I periodically hear statements of experts that for prevention of a full collapse of the Russian municipal branch tariffs for housing and communal services are necessary for lifting on 15 - 30 % already in most the nearest the time. However I do not absolutely agree with such approach to a solution of a problem. Probably, it will sound sharply, but, in my opinion, multiple growth of tariffs is the price of mismanagement of some heads of housing and communal services, inabilities effectively to work, competently to dispose of available resources, to supervise financial streams. It also the price of inactivity of heads of municipalities which do not use possibilities available at their order for putting in order in housing and communal services sphere. If we can toughen control over management companies, reduce to a minimum work of unfair management companies, lower the corruption facts in the municipal sphere, already one only it will give soil for stable development of system of housing and communal services in the country. Then about any scale increase of tariffs for services of natural monopolies, including, the electric power there will be no speech, tariffs can increase only according to rates of inflation.

now in Russia new principles of an estimation of regional enforcement authorities are formed. According to Vladimir Putin, it is necessary to achieve, that economic efficiency of activity of this or that regional command directly were reflected in a standard of living of the citizens living in this or that territory that there were no ruptures between paper reports and social state of health of citizens . If it will be possible to build such mechanism of work already shortly we will see real improvement of a situation in housing and communal services sphere, reduction of practice of non-payments of the municipal enterprises, and as consequence - stable work of branch and improvement of quality of services for end users.