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vitse - to the speaker have re-read subscription lists

In Omsk some days before elections in city council (GS) scandal inflames: the chairman of promayor social movement is removed from pre-election race the Omsk initiative vitse - the speaker of city parliament Victor Artemyev. The court recognised illegal its registration as the candidate from - for errors in subscription lists. vitse - the speaker intends to appeal against against this decision even if it is necessary to reach the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. Experts estimate a situation on - to a miscellaneous: one consider as its consequences of the conflict between area and a city, others name Victor Artemyev`s removal lawful. Elections of deputies Omsk GS will pass on March, 4th.
the Omsk regional court has on Monday evening cancelled the decision of the Central regional court and recognised as illegal registration by the candidate on elections in the City Council of Omsk vitse - the speaker of city parliament, the chairman of promayor social movement the Omsk initiative Victor Artemyev. the Court has considered that signatures have been brought in subscription lists incorrectly and collected with current legislation infringement. Subscription lists have been made on January, 16th, 2012, and signatures in them stood from January, 13th and 14 of current year - the member of Omsk municipal electoral committee with the right of a casting vote Andrey Frolov who was passing on business in quality of the respondent has explained yesterday. With the statement for a recognition of illegal registration of mister Artemyev as the candidate Omsk GS competitors vitse - the speaker on election district 11 self-promoted worker Pavel Aistov and a member " on February, 22nd have addressed; the Just cause Alexey Sokolov. On February, 10th current year the Central regional court of Omsk has refused to misters to Aistovu and Sokolov satisfaction of statements for cancellation of registration of Victor Artemyev. Elections of deputies Omsk GS will pass on March, 4th.

the chairman the Omsk initiative Victor Artemyev intends to appeal against against the regional court decision in supervising instance, and then in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. the regional court has cancelled the decision of the first instance to formal signs. Subscription lists from January, 16th is there was a second copy, the first municipal electoral committee has issued with defects. However people in a new subscription list have decided to leave dates which specified in the first, - on January, 13th and 14. I have counted it as their will - people defend that day when actually have subscribed for me - mister Artemyev has explained. vitse - the speaker considers claim occurrence as the same pressure, as well as excitation concerning it criminal case and an exception of party an United Russia .

As wrote , on January, 16th current year Omsk political council an United Russia the correspondence decision has excluded Victor Artemyev from the party. After that investigatory management SKR across the Omsk region has brought concerning the deputy criminal case for abusing powers of office. all it becomes, that I have removed the nominee from elections in the City Council - declared then mister Artemyev.

in municipal electoral committee yesterday have explained that in the near future the commission will clean Victor Artemyev from the list of candidates. it will exclude from bulletins and information stands - Andrey Frolov has informed .

in to the Omsk initiative consider that their chairman have removed from pre-election race as objectionable. it is unequivocally possible to tell that clean the active and perspective deputy. Probably, it to someone is inconvenient, and to whom is it the general tendency of last time - the chief executive " considers; the Omsk initiative Alexander Donnik. Victor Artemyev adds that The regional power actively interferes with municipal elections, pressing through the interests in concrete persons .

some experts agree With the disgraced candidate. it is obvious that the area creates group which would support the general strategy at City Council level. And Artemyev was always loyal to city administration. Besides it the strong competitor with a work wide experience in the City Council - Galina Tatarinov has noted the Omsk political strategist. In the end of January loyal to the regional authorities the group of deputies of the City Council now standing on elections, has created association Omsk spring. Energy of changes . It has constructed the first policy statement on the critic of the Omsk mayoralty. New association has supported regional branch an United Russia .

Other political scientists removal of the chairman the Omsk initiative On the eve of elections in the Omsk City Council do not connect with the conflict between area and a city. game goes on - large, and one figure of weather does not do, as Artemyev not a sign figure, not the person of fraction. The law is severe, but it is the law. If subscription lists are made for some days later, than in them citizens have subscribed, means either signatures false, or sheets are made not as it is necessary - the vice-president of the Siberian academy of political sciences Sergey Novikov considers.