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The reform accepted in every respect

of the Duma fraction in the presence of leaders of unparliamentary parties and stand-alone opposition have approved in the first reading a presidential package of the bills assuming liberalisation of party building, and also return to direct elections of governors. But all participants of yesterday`s session are assured that thorough editing in the second reading is required to projects. Otherwise reform remains same crafty as well as in the first reading.
the first reading of a presidential package has collected the unprecedented notice for the State Duma. In a hall of plenary sessions besides fractions an United Russia the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR, Fair Russia sat also representatives of three unparliamentary parties. The leader the Just cause Andrey Dunaev, the leader the Apple Sergey Mitrokhin (the deputy of the State Duma of the first - the third convocations) and a member of the central political council Patriots of Russia Sergey Glotov (the deputy of the State Duma of the fourth convocation) have taken place in a guest box, having acquired on a level with deputies the right and to act from the Duma tribune with own estimation of presidential initiatives, and to ask questions to the plenipotentiary of the president in Harry Minhu`s State Duma. Performance of the representative of Public chamber of Joseph Diskina too was a part of yesterday`s discussion.

for the first time in the Duma practice by participants of discussion there were representatives of stand-alone opposition - the co-chairman of not registered party Parnassus Vladimir Ryzhkov (the deputy of the State Duma of the first - the fourth convocations) and the co-chairman of not registered party the MOUTH front Sergey Udaltsov. To a tribune they have not received access, but could in persons and details to observe Duma plenarku from the Duma balcony.

- Dmitry Medvedev gave great attention and gives to questions of perfection of political mechanisms to provide the most effective realisation of the political rights and freedom of citizens, - has informed gathered Harrys Minh, representing a package from three presidential bills. - and this work was spent from first days of activity of the president.

then the plenipotentiary has passed to the detailed description short stories each bill which as a whole should provide easier access to political activity of various representatives of the public . Ease of access will provide, in particular, short stories in the law About political parties on which 500 persons (now not less than 40 thousand) can register party . Short stories in the selective legislation will relieve unparliamentary parties (which have no fractions in the State Duma or in regional Legislative Assemblies) of petition of citizens in the support on parliamentary elections of any level. However, for participation in signature presidential election to collect to all of them it is necessary. But not 2 million as now, and all 100 thousand Ordinary non-party citizen too can become the candidate for presidents if will collect in the support of 300 thousand signatures. Well, and the most radical a short story it is offered in the law About the general principles of the organisation legislative and executive powers of the state power of subjects of the Russian Federation : return to, that governors were selected citizens on the basis of general equal and a direct suffrage at ballot .

All these innovations since December are known to all Party members - parliamentary, unparliamentary, not registered. Probably, therefore heads of profile Duma committees spoke yesterday about presidential workings out not so much, how many tried to warn their criticism.

- in comments the thought is accurately traced that we come back by the period Brown democracies, - the head of committee of affairs of public associations Alexey Ostrovsky (LDPR) has declared, meaning transition to the minimum number of parties in 500 persons. - but has come to trust time to political parties more.

- the power which is enjoying authority and social support of the majority of citizens, possesses owing to it credit of trust. On formation of conditions of realisation of such credit of trust three projects of laws also are directed, - the head of the Duma committee of the constitutional legislation Vladimir Pligin has informed. - But values of democratic character which are not supported by system of effective guarantees, lose the popularity that causes strengthening of nigilistic tendencies.

for their suppression, according to the logic of mister Pligina, also cancellation of petition for all parties, and also return to direct governor`s elections is required.

- and whether gives itself the report the developer of laws, what the party in 500 persons is a party of a tram in rush hour, and what elections of head of the subject of federation are a direct way to disorder of the federation? - Deputy Vladimir Bortko (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) has taken an interest.

- From the point of view of the Constitution the Russian Federation is including the democratic state. And democracy is a democracy, and the higher form of democracy are free elections, - has explained to deputy Harry Minh an essence of governor`s elections, having suggested not to be also the hostage of figure 500 .

- Here how many oligarchs in the country, so much also will be parties, - communist Vladimir Fedotkin doubted.

- the Question not quantitative, but qualitative, - was explained by mister Minh. - If it is real political force then for money it you will not buy. If it to nobody the necessary hole from a bagel any normal person will not spend money for it.

- parties can be different, including parties of sexual minorities, - communist Victor Taranin has put a question point-blank.

- I do not think that it will strongly affect political life of our country, - mister Minh has answered, having advised to communists not to be afraid of a competition. - at you serious historical and political experience. You will consult with party of sexual minorities.

similarly the presidential plenipotentiary had to answer the same question some times: Why at free elections of governors all parties can put forward the candidates only after consultations of the president.

- I not so understand this fear, - mister Minh after the third question has declared. - we talk that it is necessary to carry out consultations of the person, at which in hands a nuclear small suitcase . Not to trust procedure of discussion of nominees with the head of the state is to blow on water, obzhegshis on milk.

but anybody, except United Russia party members, Harry Minh has not convinced. Representatives of other parties are assured that any consultations or others presidential filters are not necessary.

- direct elections should mean direct elections without any specifications, - the leader " has declared in the performance; the Just cause Andrey Dunaev. - the power should not act in a role of the moderator between the voter and the selected governor.

- And elections of governors should pass in all regions during half a year after the introduction of the law into force, - the leader " considers; the Apple Sergey Mitrokhin. - that it for reform if it is postponed, yet will be not not expired by terms of the operating appointed governors.

Besides, mister Mitrokhin has not arranged that the yesterday`s package was considered separately from the new version of the bill of elections in the State Duma. But the leader the Apple against such delay:

- We at first pass the law which allows to create political parties, and then we will pass the law which actually forbids these parties to pass in the State Duma.

the representative Patriots of Russia Sergey Glotov asked deputies to accept all package in such terms that regional and local elections the next uniform day of voting passed on October, 14th by new rules.

Actually, the Duma fractions have approved a package unanimously, having stipulated that to the second reading will insist on essential editing. In the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and LDPR about the offers have not told. The leader Duma spravorossov Sergey Mironov and the leader of the Duma United Russia party members Andrey Vorobev consider that it is necessary to establish the electoral filter for parties. That, for example, access to regional elections was received only by those parties, which well have proved at municipal level, access to elections in the State Duma - those who has proved at regional level.

representatives of stand-alone opposition could inform the opinion only to the press. we will demand a notifying principle of a party registration, and also pre-election blocks - Vladimir Ryzhkov has declared. If all remains as is, it will be crafty reform - Sergey Udaltsov considers. And what become bills to the second reading, as they said, it becomes clear on March, 12th after the next session of presidential working group which is headed by the first deputy of the head of the Kremlin administration Vyacheslav Volodin.

Reforms will proceed?
Alexander Torshin, the first vice-president of Council of federation:

- on March, 4th will not affect destiny of the amendments directed on liberalisation of political system. These reforms are dictated by logic of development of the country and political system. Deputies perfectly understand it. Therefore they will be continued.

Vladimir Bukovsky, the writer, the political emigrant:

- I do not trust in these reforms. The Duma is selected, the president will select one of these days, six years of the future life are painted on points. What for to Putin something to change? He does not perceive opposition. And all circus is arranged that our intelligency, eternally ready to be deceived and live in a fool`s paradise, to throw a stone, to calm her. And after elections it is possible zaboltat any reforms.

Michael Barshchevsky, the plenipotentiary of the government in the higher judicial instances:

- Is not present either the reasons, or possibilities to curtail the begun reforms. New laws are necessary for Putin, he spoke about it on a straight line even earlier, than Medvedev. The society became another, he understands it. I precisely know that these bills prepared in July. The greatest intrigue are political blocks. They, certainly, are necessary.

Elena Andreeva, the president of holding of the security enterprises the Bastion :

- I think, these laws have been co-ordinated within the limits of a tandem. Putin and Medvedev would not admit frankly inconsistent actions. But I think, the main task of these reforms not in state system radical changes, and in absorbing protest energy of a society, to allow to it to be splashed out in the organised forms. Power domination will proceed, and especially if liberalisation does not give visible positive results.

Gleb Pavlovsky, the head of Fund of an effective policy:

- Amendments will pass, but in as much as possible deformed kind, and they any more will not have properties of system reform. The barrier on number of parties will be lifted, bookmarks will be brought, which it will be possible to grasp to remove parties from elections. In our system not so formal occasions are important. As Medvedev did not dismantle system of telephone management of a policy, it will modify him and its bills.

Evgenie Yasin, the supervisor of studies of the Higher school of economy:

- very much I hope, though in our country all is possible. If Medvedev has agreed for a long time with Putin any steps to democratisation will be. And all democratic forces should support this reforming. I am glad that them have invited in the Duma to participate in productive work. It and demonstration by the aspiration power to democratisation, and demonstration demsilami aspirations to cooperation with the authorities.

Michael Kasyanov, the co-chairman Parnassus:

- is not present More likely, after March, 4th Putin in what will not concede opposition. And as it stands, without pre-election blocks, a notifying party registration and other, Medvedev`s laws are similar to profanation.