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Designers have appeared in another`s building

Privatization of Novokuznetsk project institutes of Open Society Siberian Promstrojproekt and Open Society Sibproektstalkonstruktsija most likely, will lead to transformation of their building into usual commercial real estate. Whether there will be in it a place for institutes, is not clear: taken shares of the enterprises Evgenie Janchuk yet has not designated the position. However, representatives of designers are assured that institutes will remain as working structures in other organizational form.
Open Society Siberian Promstrojproekt ( Sibpromstrojproekt ) Specialises on designing of objects of industrial and civil appointment with working out of special sections from preservation of the environment before actions for civil defence and emergency situations, and also on inspection and an estimation of a technical condition of building designs. Open Society Sibproektstalkonstruktsija (SibPSK) is engaged architecturally - in building designing, in particular the industrial enterprises, examination of industrial safety.

privatisation auctions on sale of 100 % of actions Sibpromstrojproekta and SibPSK which were in the property of the Russian Federation, Rosimushchestvo has spent in the beginning of February. Both packages were got by the townsman of Angarsk of the Irkutsk region Evgenie Janchuk. As appears from reports of Rosimushchestva, for 198 thousand actions of SibPSK at the starting price of 21,93 million rbl. he has offered 32,93 million rbl., for 7,5 thousand actions Sibpromstrojproekta at the starting price of 28,46 million rbl. - 86,46 million rbl. In the first auction besides the winner participated six more applicants, in the second - seven.

both project institutes are located in a five-floor building on street Ordzhonikidze, 18, in the old centre of Novokuznetsk. As the assistant to the general director of Open Society " has explained; Sibproektstalkonstruktsija Vitaly Stakin, occupies with SibPSK the fourth and fifth floors, on first three is Sibpromstrojproekt . Some more premises occupy one of the state insurance funds. According to mister Stakina, both institutes own in aggregate approximately 95 % of all areas in a building. The general director Sibpromstrojproekta Tatyana Sheltunova has told that Open Society was exposed on the privatisation auctions already five times, but wishing to get it long was not. On last auction it was declared to Open Company Siberian Promstrojproekt - The design organisation created three years ago by the former employees of Open Society in connection with preparing privatisation. But just in this case there were buyers, and between them competitive struggle was developed.

to Contact Evgenie Janchukom it was not possible. According to documents, it not the first privatisation auctions in which he participated. For example, autumn of 2011 mister Janchuk applied for the Oryol Open Society giproniselprom but has conceded.

mister Stakin and madam Sheltunova could tell nothing about plans of the buyer concerning institutes. The commercial director of agency of commercial real estate the Smart Matvej Lyapin has not excluded that purchase is made for the sake of real estate. The expert has estimated the building area approximately in 6 thousand in sq. m. In this case it has managed to Evgenie Janchuku in 19 - 20 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m. According to mister Lyapin as commercial real estate the object is uneasy: To hand over or sell it completely, it is necessary to find the large company what in Novokuznetsk it is a little, and to sell parts - hlopotno and long. A building site, Matvej Lyapin has added, it is not so attractive, as in this area low foot passableness, and parking about it hardly contains all from tens cars.

the director Sibpromstrojproekta has expressed hope that the institute in the organizational form of Open Company where many employees of Open Society have passed, will continue work as project institute. Vitaly Stakin has confirmed that the similar alternative is created and at SibPSK.