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Criminal community judge from a dawn to a decline

Yesterday in Novosibirsk a jury has started a legal investigation of the influential organised criminal community (OPS). According to agents of national security, the criminal organisation operated in region of more ten years and specialised on custom-made murders, vymogatelstvah and moshennichestvah.
Yesterday in Novosibirsk regional court in the closed judicial session consideration of a sensational case of authoritative businessman Alexander Trunov and its seven improvised has begun. To place accused, defenders, victims and their representatives the regional court administration has allocated the most spacious hall. In an opening address the public prosecutor Marina Morkovina has stated to jurymen a charge essence, having asked them to have patience.

under the version of investigatory management SKR on the Siberian federal district, OPS it has been created in the middle of 1990 - h years by Alexander Trunov. According to agents of national security, it specialised on custom-made murders, vymogatelstvah and moshennichestvah and consisted of several structural divisions - gangs of killers, services of own safety, economic division and others. At various times in community consisted to 30 persons. In OPS the strict discipline operated. In particular, at wished to leave a gang all property and business was selected, and order default was cruelly punished.

accusation in a management of criminal community (item 210 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), gangsterism (item 209), murders (item 105), attempts at murders (item 30, item 105) is brought to Alexander Trunov. The consequence considers as the head of its bodyguard the former military man Vitaly Shevtsov. Defendants Sergey Komarnitsky, Vitaly Zajtsev and Andrey Ivanov, under the version of the investigation, entered into a gang of killers, on four murders which to the account and two unfortunate attempts. Accusation in an arson of two cars of Jeep Grand Cherokee of Novosibirsk businessman Frunzika Hachatrjana is brought to Pavel Egorov and Konstantin Jupinzhanu, whose business has got to sphere of interests of the criminal organisation. Thus they had been beat the security guard of the parking place, trying to stop the attacking. On business to Tatyana Dorogaevoj large swindle with sale of shares in the company which are engaged in payment terminals (item 159) is incriminated to the unique woman.

On business OPS also pass vitse - the mayor of Novosibirsk Alexander Solodkin heading, under the version of the investigation, economic grouping division, his father - the former adviser of the governor Alexander Solodkin - the senior and the deputy chief regional UFSKN Andrey Andreev. They finish acquaintance with business materials. Hasan Ganeev answering in OPS for safety and replenishment obshchaka and five more accused have concluded the pre-judicial cooperation agreement. Investigation concerning the prospective head of a gang of killers Anatoly Radchenko (CHelentano) is suspended in connection with its search.

after speech of the public prosecutor Alexander Trunov has declared that denies the fault. Some of its accomplices recognised fault partially. Yesterday participants of process have interrogated some witnesses and the victim. Then in hearings the break till the morning has been declared.

when jurymen have left a hall, the defender of one of accused Boris Marin has told, in judicial session the question on conditions in which defendants stay has been brought up. accused lift in five mornings and return in chambers about ten evenings. They have not breakfast, have not dinner, have not supper. It the box lunch - noodles or porridge of fast preparation stands out to make which boiled water is required. Nobody gives it. Actually it is torture by hunger - the lawyer has noted.