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Iran opens the Afghani front

Strain of relations between Washington and Kabul after incident with Koran burning by the American military men Teheran has decided to use. The Iranian brigade general Mohammad Reza Nagdi has called in reply to sacrilege of Americans to destroy the White house . Experts consider that scandal will give to Iran an occasion to activization of communications with the Talibs conducting sacred war with incorrect . Then in case of drawing of the USA and Israel of blow on the Iranian nuclear objects the mode ajatoll will try to open in back an aggressor some fronts, including Afghani.
in one country of the Islamic world of the power have not apprehended scandal with Koran burning so emotionally, as in Iran. Further all general Mohammad Reza Nagdi heading a home guard " has come; Basidzh created ajatolloj Khomeini for protection of Islamic revolution. The general has rejected apologies of US president Barack Obama though they have been addressed not to Teheran, and the Afghani leader Hamid Karzai. apologies can be accepted only after hanging of the American commanders involved in burning of sacred books, - the general cut off. - nothing can heal the wounds put to us, to Moslems, except burning of the White house .

the Indignation of Teheran is obviously disproportionate to a criminal conduct. The American command has informed that some copies of the Koran have been thrown in fire by mistake - among other books withdrawn from detained Afghans. The military men who have made sacrilege, did not understand Arabian vjaz and hardly guessed that deal with the Koran.

meanwhile in the Iran the power quite meaningly and in a pointed manner set fire to the Bibles confiscated from local Christians. Last year on severo - the West of Iran it has been burnt 6,5 thousand copies of the New testament in the Persian language. Similar cases occurred and in 2010. Operations were spent by guards of Islamic revolution, however anybody from them even has not been subjected to summary punishment. Iranian ajatolly, seemingly, consider that with Christian sacred books in their country it is possible to do anything you like.

the history has occurred to Koran burning very much in time for Teheran. According to variety of sources, Israel and the USA can already spend bombardment of the Iranian nuclear objects in the spring. To prevent such succession of events, Iran tries to show that in a condition to strike back. The Iranian rockets will not reach the USA, but cause to Americans an essential damage in region Teheran can.

in - the first, in Iraq where Iranians have huge influence on coreligionists - the Shiits who have come to power after overthrow of Saddam Hussein. In - the second, in oil and gas Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates where there live many Shiits, and especially in Bahrain (the basic point of basing of the Fifth fleet of the USA) where Shiits make 70 % of the population. In - the third, in Saudi Arabia - there the Shiit minority is concentrated in that East province where the largest oil fields are located.

soon to this list it will be possible to add, seemingly, and Afghanistan where the American military men conducting operations against Talibs, are most vulnerable. Iran is closely connected with Shiit nationalities (the most numerous - hazarejtsy), components to 20 % of the population of Afghanistan. Still in 1980 - e years when in this country was Soviet the limited contingent Teheran financed and armed eight groupings of Mojaheds - the so-called Shiit eight. After coming to power of the Talibs professing radical Islam sunnitskogo of sense, the relation of Kabul with Heretics - Shiits from Teheran have become aggravated. But now theological disagreements are removed on the second plan - presence of the general enemy has rallied the Afghani and Iranian mullahs.

in 2010 the president of Iran Mahmud Ahmadinezhad has offered to brotherly Afghanistan and Tajikistan to create an united front against the West. Hamid Karzai has apprehended then idea of Teheran half-heartedly, however Talibs into this account can have other opinion.