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Marussia there was without tests

a Command Formulas - 1 Marussia, acting under the Russian flag, has faced complexities in the course of reception of the admission of the cars to races. The matter is that cars Marussia could not pass krash - tests without what the International federation of motor racing (FIA) from this season forbids participation even in the test - arrivals. If is more exact, Marussia has ruined one of 18 krash - tests. As a result the command had to refuse participation in last session of tests which starts on March, 1st in Barcelona. In to a stable have noticed that instead will concentrate on elimination of defects. That is the command will enter a season which starts on March, 18th in Melbourn, so never obkatav the car of 2012. After all all previous tests Marussia spent, as a matter of fact, on the car of the last year`s sample which corresponded to necessary requirements. All it does chances Marussia of leaving from a position of the outsider, even less notable, than earlier.

we Will remind that the command exists since 2010 and was called first Virgin. Last year the basic owner stables there was a Russian manufacturer superkarov Marussia. However, neither at former, nor at present owners the command did not shine. A maximum that while managed to it to achieve so it is two times to finish on 14 - m a place. In the championships of last and years before last Marussia took last place.