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State companies will choose width of a profile

the Government does not plan to enter for state companies the rigid scheme of disposal of not profile actives. According to offers of Ministry of Economics, the company should make the list of such actives and terms in which they are ready to get rid of them. Besides, state structures will keep possibility to transfer not profile assets each other.
president Dmitry Medvedev in December, 2011 has charged to the government to prepare by March, 1st offers on the accelerated disposal of state companies of not profile actives. On January, 30th the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin in article published in the newspaper Sheets has called to reduce presence of the largest enterprises and banks with dominating participation of the state, and also natural monopolies, including Gazprom in the capital of other managing subjects having offered to allocate from them not profile biznesy, including media holdings .

As has told the director of department of property relations of Ministry of Economics Alexey Uvarov, the offers prepared on the instructions of the president assume that the companies should spend clearing of not profile actives. we count that state companies will spend inventory of the not profile actives, and then boards of directors will approve corresponding programs on disposal of them. At present 41 company from listed at the disposal of the government 91 - r (about hundred the largest state companies. - ) has spent boards of directors on consideration of programs on disposal of not profile actives, and in 28 companies such programs have accepted boards of directors - mister Uvarov has told. In particular, programs have approved boards of directors Rosneft Transneft Zarubezhnefti Inter the Russian Open Society ALROSA, the Sheremetyevo and RusGidro . Gazprom which is one of the largest holders of not profile actives, the program has not made. VTB has made, however it is not approved yet by board of directors.

terms of sale not profile biznesov rigidly are not established. the Ministry of Economics is not interested in a process tightening, but also does not put rigid terms as it is impossible to ignore a current economic situation and to force the companies to sell these actives for nothing - mister Uvarov explains. On a plan of the government sale of not profile actives of state companies will promote strengthening of a competition and will strengthen effect from privatisation. In this case unlike the privatisation program of the power have decided not to go a directive way. Let`s remind, the plan of privatisation of federal property with the terms registered in it and sales volumes of actions of the largest state companies affirmed at government level - however subsequently terms repeatedly moved with references to market conditions.

we believe that activity on sale of actives should pass in frameworks of corporate procedures through decisions of board of directors. But, of course, in the event that these decisions will raise at our the doubts, we will defend the position - mister Uvarov has declared, having added that the ministry formed boards of directors from the professional and competent experts which opinion can be trusted . If the Ministry of Economics does not come with board of directors to the consent, for example, concerning active classification as profile or not profile the question at issue will dare by a consensus, instead of directions.

Besides, the ministry is not going to enter the requirement about obligatory sale of not profile actives to private investors. We will notice that at carrying out of privatisation auctions such interdiction, as a rule, contains. certainly, the most part of not profile actives of state companies should be sold in private hands. But in single instances when it obosnovanno, sale to other state structure is possible. For example, recently we considered a sale question Aeroflot the small aeroport business in the Sheremetyevo, and with a view of maintenance of unity of an aeroport complex sale of this active to MASHA`S group " has been recognised expedient; - mister Uvarov has told. As the Ministry of Economics considers all large transactions which are taken out on boards of directors of state companies, the ministry has possibility to regulate sale of actives in a manual mode. How many state companies can gain from sale of not profile actives, not clearly. The representative of Ministry of Economics has declared that while there is no even a tentative estimation, however the ministry expects to receive it by September, 1st.