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What is Gabalinsky RLS

428 - j separate radio engineering knot (RO - 7, the object 754) near to the Azerbaijan city of Gabaly represents stationary radar station (RLS) type 579 Darjal a part of systems (centres) of the prevention of a rocket attack and control of a space of armies air - space defence of the Russian Federation.

its building was conducted with 1976 for 1987. The knot has taken up fighting watch in 1985. The station is calculated on tracing of starts of ballistic missiles in Asia and water areas of Indian ocean, and also on control over space objects in southern sector. Range of the found out purposes - from 300 to 7200 km, height - from 100 to 6000 km.

after disintegration of the USSR the object long time was used by the Russian military men without any legal registration of its status. The Azerbaijan authorities repeatedly demanded to extinguish debts for use RLS, threatening to remove Darjal from fighting watch. On January, 25th, 2002 the agreement on use conditions by Russia Gabalinsky RLS is signed. The station has received the status is information - the analytical centre and is declared as the property of Azerbaijan. The Russian Federation has promised to pay for $7 million rent in a year (originally Azerbaijan party named the sum of $20 - 30 million) and to compensate to Azerbaijan expenses at a rate of $31 million, connected with use RLS in 1997 - 2001. Russia was obliged to use RLS only in is information - the analytical purposes, and also to share with Azerbaijan a part of the received information. The agreement expires in December, 2012.

on June, 8th, 2007 the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at summit G8 has suggested George Bush to share Gabalinsky RLS instead of placing of objects of antimissile defence in Poland and Czechia. The USA have refused.

Recently the Russian officials repeatedly declared plans to modernise Gabalinsky RLS, and by 2020 to construct on its place radar station of new generation (type Voronezh - VP ).

the Commander of separate radio engineering knot - colonel Victor Timoshenko. Regular number of attendants - about 900 military men and more than 200 civil experts (the intergovernmental agreement establishes a limit - 1,5 thousand persons).