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Reforms will proceed?
Alexander Torshin, the first vice-president of Council of federation:

- on March, 4th will not affect destiny of the amendments directed on liberalisation of political system. These reforms are dictated by logic of development of the country and political system. Deputies perfectly understand it. Therefore they will be continued.

Vladimir Bukovsky, the writer, the political emigrant:

- I do not trust in these reforms. The Duma is selected, the president will select one of these days, six years of the future life are painted on points. What for to Putin something to change? He does not perceive opposition. And all circus is arranged that our intelligency, eternally ready to be deceived and live in a fool`s paradise, to throw a stone, to calm her. And after elections it is possible zaboltat any reforms.

Michael Barshchevsky, the plenipotentiary of the government in the higher judicial instances:

- Is not present either the reasons, or possibilities to curtail the begun reforms. New laws are necessary for Putin, he spoke about it on a straight line even earlier, than Medvedev. The society became another, he understands it. I precisely know that these bills prepared in July. The greatest intrigue are political blocks. They, certainly, are necessary.

Elena Andreeva, the president of holding of the security enterprises the Bastion :

- I think, these laws have been co-ordinated within the limits of a tandem. Putin and Medvedev would not admit frankly inconsistent actions. But I think, the main task of these reforms not in state system radical changes, and in absorbing protest energy of a society, to allow to it to be splashed out in the organised forms. Power domination will proceed, and especially if liberalisation does not give visible positive results.

Gleb Pavlovsky, the head of Fund of an effective policy:

- Amendments will pass, but in as much as possible deformed kind, and they any more will not have properties of system reform. The barrier on number of parties will be lifted, bookmarks will be brought, which it will be possible to grasp to remove parties from elections. In our system not so formal occasions are important. As Medvedev did not dismantle system of telephone management of a policy, it will modify him and its bills.

Evgenie Yasin, the supervisor of studies of the Higher school of economy:

- very much I hope, though in our country all is possible. If Medvedev has agreed for a long time with Putin any steps to democratisation will be. And all democratic forces should support this reforming. I am glad that them have invited in the Duma to participate in productive work. It and demonstration by the aspiration power to democratisation, and demonstration demsilami aspirations to cooperation with the authorities.

Michael Kasyanov, the co-chairman Parnassus:

- is not present More likely, after March, 4th Putin in what will not concede opposition. And as it stands, without pre-election blocks, a notifying party registration and other, Medvedev`s laws are similar to profanation.