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The Ministry of Finance has simplified central depozitary

the Ministry of Finance has finished the project of the order on assignment of the status central depozitarija - ministry requirements to the applicant for this status have become simpler.
According to the law about central depozitarii, the Ministry of Finance should develop an order of assignment of the status central depozitarija, and the Federal Agency of the financial markets - to accredit the applicant. The Ministry of Finance has finished the project of the order on assignment of the status central depozitarija, has informed agency Interfax the source in the ministry, also has sent it in profile departments, including in working group at the Presidential Council on creation of the international financial centre (MFTS) under the direction of Alexander Voloshin.

the first version of the project of the order, published in the beginning of February, has caused disputes and has been brought for discussion working group on Monday. A source Interfax Has noticed that points on stay and a response of the status have been excluded from the order project central depozitarija. We will support an establishment of these positions at law level - it has explained. According to the director depozitarija Rosbank and a member of working group on creation MFTS of Michael Bratanova, this point has caused disputes, as at present it is not known how to operate to the market if central depozitary for any reason will lose the status. Under the law central depozitary acquires the individual right of opening of accounts of the nominal holder of securities.

in the new project of the order requirements by kinds and forms of documents also are simplified, the requirement about carrying out of complex check of the competitor for last three years of its activity is excluded. A number of recommendations has not been brought in the order project, namely the requirement about strategy of development of the applicant and the program of payments of compensation to management. The unique applicant for the status central is National settlement depozitary, belonging to a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange stock exchange - RTS.