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Israel against the United Nations

opposes Israel input on the Palestinian territories of U.N. peacemakers from structure blue helmets . The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Israel has demanded from the representatives abroad, especially in UN Security Council member countries, to conduct active lobbist work against satisfaction of the request of Palestinians about a direction in their territory of the armed UN observers.
Israel categorically not priemlet such measure, was declared by the representative of the government of the Judaic state. The biggest with what he is ready to agree, so it with presence on the West Bank of Jordan and in Gaza Strip unaided observers from the neutral states. Thus Israel demands, that presence of observers was accompanied by parallel negotiations with Palestinians about definitive peaceful settlement of conditions.
as the representative Israeli has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mordechai Jedid, Palestinians are executed intentions as much as possible to involve in the conflict other states and consequently Israel never will agree with presence at region of the armed international observers .