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At accession to WTO on village support will direct 20 % of gross national product

At session of intergovernmental council of the CIS concerning agrarian and industrial complex which has passed the day before in Moscow under the chairmanship of vitse - a premiere of the government of the Russian Federation Alexey Gordeyev, the decision " is accepted; softly to co-ordinate negotiating process of the introduction of the countries of commonwealth in the WTO for the purpose of decrease in risks for the agriculture, interfaced to liberalisation of trade and performance of the requirement of the WTO on decrease in volumes of the state support and export subsidising.
thereupon the Russian academy of agricultural sciences recommends to the governments of the CIS countries to interpret support measures so that threshold value of the state measures of support has increased with 5 - 10 % to 20 % of gross national product. As a whole about creation of the general agrarian market of the CIS and development of measures on its protection, according to participants of committee, it will be possible to speak not earlier than 2003. Under condition of synchronisation and development it is standard - legal base.
at session the question on a course of realisation of the program scientifically - technical cooperation on fundamental and applied scientific problems of the general agrarian market of the CIS on 2001 - 2003 was discussed also. Alexey Gordeyev has specified in necessity of strengthening of financing of this direction as from provided the program for three years of 180 thousand dollars the payment the republic Moldova at a rate of 2 thousand dollars
Besides, has made only special attention has been given studying of the project of the program of interstate leasing of agricultural machinery, cars and mechanisms in the states CIS as average deterioration of this equipment in Commonwealth makes 80 %. Within the limits of the agenda questions on formation of a common market of chemical production and sugar also have been considered; Functions of working body have been assigned to the All-Russia scientific research institute of plant growing of a name of Vavilov on coordination of cooperation in the field of preservation and use of genetic resources of cultural plants in the CIS. Following session of council will pass in the beginning of May 2002. In capital of Kazakhstan to Astana.