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The OPEC threatens to lift oil manufacture on 5 million barrels

the OPEC (the Organization of the countries - exporters of oil) will reconsider the decision on reduction of deliveries of oil on the world market on 1,5 million barrels a day in case the countries which are not members of cartel, cannot reduce manufacture. With such statement the secretary general of OPEC Ali Rodriguez has acted.
as he said, the similar scenario can provoke price war, in which result not members of the OPEC can be forced out force from the market, and will be compelled to close manufacture - Rodriguez has underlined. Words of the secretary general of oil cartel can be regarded as threat of Russia, Norway and Mexico - to the leading oil-extracting and exporting countries which are not entering into the OPEC.
at the summit of Association of the states of Caribbean basin, passing on the Venezuelan island Margarita, Ali Rodriguez has informed that The OPEC will not make oil recovery reduction if not members of cartel, in turn, do not take the same step .
Rodriguez also has reminded that the cartel expects this weeks the information on curtailment of production from such countries, as Mexico, Norway, Russia and Oman. According to the representative of the OPEC, the cartel can even lift oil manufacture on 5 million barrels a day though while does not plan it. We will remind, as to Russia still one week ago the Russian authorities and representatives of the leading oil companies of the country declared reduction of export of oil since January of the next year on 150 thousand barrels a day. In total from the basic countries - independent exporters of oil of the OPEC waits for the general reduction on 500 thousand barrels a day.