Rus News Journal

Turkey refuses to enter the European Union

Parliament of Turkey has refused to support today a package of the reforms which realisation is necessary for the introduction into the European union. It is necessary to notice that earlier the government of the country and oppositional legislators have supported the reforms which carrying out is required for membership in EU. Meanwhile, document acceptance would show aspiration of Turkey to result an economic and legal situation in the country in conformity with norms of EU. Members of the governmental party have declared that the document part will be sent on completion in the parliamentary committee, new consideration of a package will be appointed for these days.
we will remind that today in Copenhagen passes the summit of heads of the governments of the countries - participants of EU. The basic attention of the summit is concentrated to questions of forthcoming expansion of the European Union on the East.
Besides other, in the agenda there will be a question on possible inclusion in structure of the organisation of ten new members - Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. To the candidates, met with approval, invitations to the introduction into the organisation in May, 2004 will be given out.
the greatest interest represents a question on the introduction into structure of EU of Cyprus. We will remind, the basic condition of membership in this organisation is achievement of political unity on the island divided now on the Greek and Turkish parts.