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Japan has renewed import of beef from the USA

the Authorities of Japan have made the decision on cancellation of embargo on delivery in the country of the American and Canadian beef. With the corresponding statement representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the country have acted, transfers AFP.
Meanwhile the Japanese authorities have underlined that Washington should observe strictly established for import of meat to Japan norms. So, according to the accepted specifications, to import to Japan from the USA and Canada products from the animals hammered aged are resolved only is not more senior 20 months. Besides, in the country export of some an offal from the beef, potentially dangerous from the point of view of disease by the cow furiousness is not authorised.
we will remind that the interdiction for import of the American beef has been entered into Japan in December 2003. After in the USA the first case of disease has been fixed by the cow furiousness.
the cow furiousness, or a spongy encephalopathy, amazes nervous system of animals. As scientists assume, the use by the person of meat of the infected animals can cause in people illness of Krojtsfelda - Jacob which almost always comes to an end with a lethal outcome. Victims of this illness of a steel of 150 persons worldwide, basically in Great Britain which in 1990 - h has appeared epidemic epicentre.
at the same time, according to sociologists, Japanese do not hasten to use again in food the American beef. So, poll spent Kyodo News, testifies that without it in a family diet will manage about 75,2 % of inhabitants of the Country of a rising sun. Thus number of the Japanese who are not objecting to to use in food meat of the American cows, makes 21,2 %.
Among active opponents of the American beef in Japan the majority is made by women - and they, according to polls, defining decisions make during shopping. About 83 % of Japanese do not plan to add in the consumer`s basket beef on which packing appears Made in USA .
Among causes of a failure from beef of the American manufacture of the Japanese name fear that it will appear hazardous to health (62,5 %). And 20,6 % of the interrogated inhabitants of islands have declared that prefer to the American beef similar Australian or Japanese production.