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A.Kudrin: the gasoline Rise in price is not connected with the prices for oil

the Rise in prices for oil for 1 dollars in the world market of 1 litre in home market for 7 copeck Such data leads to increase in a tax component in the price of gasoline the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin has resulted during session of budgetary committee in the Federation Council.
thus, the head of the Ministry of Finance has noted, at a range of changes of the prices for oil in the world market 40 - 53 dollars/ barr. During 2005. The price for gasoline in Russia should increase within 1 rbl., instead of by 3 rbl. as it has occurred.
as the minister has underlined, the increase in tax loading through the tax to mining operations (NDPI) in connection with a rise in prices for oil in the world market is not the basic factor at rise in prices for gasoline. Thereupon A.Kudrin has underlined necessity of antimonopoly regulation of this market.
According to Federal Agency of the state statistics (Rosstat), consumer prices of autogasoline in the Russian Federation from November, 21 till November, 27th 2005. Have decreased in comparison with the last week on 0,1 % and for November, 28th have made 16,05 rbl. for litre. Including consumer prices of gasoline of mark And - 76 have decreased on 0,1 % - to 14,39 for litre, on gasoline of mark of Ai - 92 - on 0,1 % - to 16,83 rbl. for litre, on gasoline of mark of Ai - 95 there were at level 18,05 rbl. for litre. Consumer prices of diesel fuel have grown on 0,4 % in comparison with the last week and have made 15,98 rbl. for litre.
increase of the average prices for automobile gasoline is registered in 4 centres of subjects of the Russian Federation, the greatest - in the Eagle - on 0,3 %. In 76 centres of the price for gasoline remained without change. Decrease in the average prices for gasoline is noted in 9 subjects of the Russian Federation, the greatest in Barnaul - on 2,1 % (including on Ai - 76 - on 3,4 %).
In Moscow the prices for gasoline remained at level of the last week - 16,96 rbl. for litre, in St.-Petersburg - 15,86 rbl. for litre.
earlier today vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov on the TV channel air Russia has declared that the laws imposing on monopolists large penalties for overestimate of the prices for gasoline in the near future will be passed. According to A.Zhukov, these measures urged to prevent increase in the prices at gasoline after their defrosting since January, 1st 2006.
we Will remind, the oil companies of the country during meeting under the direction of head of the Department of Fuel and Energy Victor Khristenko have made consolidated decision to freeze the price for gasoline since September, 19th 2005. Till January, 1st 2006.