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The Eurocommission has approved merge J &J and divisions Pfizer

the Eurocommission has approved merge of American pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson and divisions on sale of consumer goods Pfizer Inc.
As they say in the Eurocommission statement, the offer on purchase of division from party J &J has caused a number of fears concerning possible infringement of antimonopoly laws, however J &J has offered divestirovat a number business - units on purpose to achieve approval of the transaction from Eurocommission. Including, J &J has declared that it is ready to sell the European brand of products for rinsing of mouth ACT as in case of merge to division Pfizer similar brand Listerine will get to order J &J.
the Representative of company J &J Mark Monso has noticed that J &J will continue to co-operate closely with the American regulating bodies on purpose to finish the transaction on merge up to the end 2006., transfers () Associated Press.
we Will remind that the transaction it has been declared in the end of June. The acquisition sum has made more than 16 mlrd dollars In the beginning of June Pfizer has declared that has received some offers on purchase of the division for the sum more than 14 mlrd dollars Among potential buyers were called J &J and GlaxoSmithKline.
For J &J this second large acquisition in 2006. So, in January of this year the company has already made serious purchase, having got the manufacturer kardiostimuljatorov Guidant company Guidant Corp. For 23,2 mlrd dollars Before fulfilment of transaction J &J has declared reduction of price to 21,5 mlrd dollars, however after competing Boston Scientific Corp. Has offered for controlling interest Guidant 25 mlrd dollars, management J &J again has risen the price.
Johnson and Johnson - the international company, more than 100 years developing and making medical production, the goods of personal hygiene and cosmetic means. J &J totals more than 200 companies in 54 countries of the world, the goods are realised more than in 170 countries of the world. In the Russian market the manufacturer works with 1992.