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In the black market there was a base of borrowers of the Russian banks

In the illegal market there was a new base of borrowers of the largest Russian banks. As the newspaper " writes today; Kommersant leak of such scale in the bank market yet was not - the base contains 3 million records about delays and non-payments under credits, and also refusals in their delivery.
a new database Refusals under credits and stop - sheets of banks of Russia has arrived in illegal sale at the price of 2 thousand roubles. In base the information on a name of the borrower, phone, the home address, a place of work and the hit reason in base contains: delay under the credit, refusal in delivery of the credit and other compromising circumstances (for example, previous conviction presence). The bank-source of these data is in addition specified.
the information has got to base from ten Russian banks, including from the Russian standard HKF - bank, Rosbank, Finansbanka, Impeksbank, that is the largest players in the market of consumer crediting.
as already it was mentioned above, in new base it is accumulated more than 3 million records - leak of such scale in the bank market yet was not. Thus, it is literally for some months the market of the illegal bank information has grown more than on 500 %. If the first base contained about 700 thousand the records, the second - a 3 thousand order, now in total accessible to a steel almost 4 million records. According to participants of the market, the illegal market of credit stories will soon catch up with volumes legal - according to Bank of Russia, 23 Russian bureaus of credit stories (BKI) for two years of work have managed to collect 10 million records about borrowers.
thus participants of the market do not doubt a source of leak of the confidential bank information - in their opinion, the base is generated by security services of banks. So, in it there is an information not only on delays and non-payments under bank credits, but also about refusals at their delivery.
bankers ascertain that the black market of credit stories advances on development legal that the further development of bureau of credit stories brakes and puts serious reputatsionnyj a damage to bank sector. Presence in base of the information on refusals in delivery of credits, according to experts, unequivocally defines a leak source - it are security services of banks.
outflow of clients BKI in an illegal segment becomes result of enormous growth of the black market of the information making bank secret.
participants of the market predict similar leaks and further. A number of bankers believes that similar bases - unfair competition attempt between banks. the formation and release purpose on the market of such bases - attempt to lower volumes of delivery of credits at competitors, having got of competitive advantage: In base false information on which basis banks make the decision on refusal in delivery of credits " can be put obviously; - has informed the newspaper Kommersant one of participants of the market. Therefore hardly services of credit bureaus become absolutely not claimed.