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The project of the budget of the Union of the Russian Federation and Belarus on 2007 is confirmed.

the Parliamentary meeting of Union State Russia - Belarus has confirmed the budget on 2007. For acceptance of the project of the budget the next year in the second, definitive reading members of meeting at session in Moscow have voted today. The budget is confirmed under incomes at a rate of 3 mlrd 782 million rbl., under expenses - 3 mlrd 782 million rbl.
Thus, the Union State budget is balanced (besdefitsitnym). According to the document, the reserve fund of the state will make 3 million rbl. On carrying out of sessions of Ministerial council and the Higher state council of Union State allocation of 1,5 million rbl.
On the maintenance of bodies of the incorporated state Russia is provided - Belarus is offered to spend to 263 million rbl., from them 142 million rbl. will go on the maintenance of Standing committee of Union State, and 120,4 million rbl. - on functioning of Parliamentary meeting.
the Budget of the incorporated state 2007. The limiting size of means at a rate of 480,4 million rbl. on compensation of a part of expenses on payment of percent on the credits received in the Russian and Belarus banks by legal bodies, participating in realisation of projects of Union State is established.
the budget provides financing of joint projects of Russia and Belarus. In particular, on military - technical cooperation is allocated by 476,5 million rbl. (a share of the Russian Federation - 321,4 million rbl., a share of Belarus - 155,1 million rbl.). This project provides preparation Belarus military in educational institutions of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, and also carrying out of joint actions for maintenance of functioning of regional grouping of armies of Belarus and Russia. For the project on law-enforcement activity and Union State safety in the budget it is allocated by 142 million rbl. (a share of the Russian Federation - 88,5 million rbl., Belarus - 53,6 million rbl.) . Also financing of development of diesel motor industry in 2007 is provided. At a rate of 276,7 million rbl. (Russia - 194,5 million rbl., Belarus - 82,2 million rbl.) .
we Will note, the day before the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation and Committee of state control of Belarus have revealed inefficient use of means of Union State in 2005. The head of the Russian control department Sergey Stepashin has informed On it following the results of joint board of two departments.
according to the head of Audit Chamber, only 3 programs from 8 planned by the budget on 2005. Have been executed. in particular, building of joint customs is tightened. And we will address about it in the governments of both countries - he has underlined. Also, S.Stepashin has noted, departments had claims to organizers of competition the Slavic market on an expenditure of budgetary funds. not clearly, as means, including 9 million rbl. allocated with Russia " were spent; - he has added. On joint venture this point in question the letter will send to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
the Head of Audit Chamber has informed also that on board the participatory action plan of departments which, in particular, will be directed on rendering of assistance to commodity producers of both countries has been assumed as a basis.