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Comstar has got a block share holding Svyazinvest for $1,3 mlrd

Open Society Comstar - Incorporated Telesystems ( Comstar - OTS ) Has got 25 % plus one action of Open Society Svyazinvest at company Mustcom Limited for 1,3 mlrd the dollars are told About it in the company message.
it is direct Comstar - OTS has got 3 mlrd 378 million 173 thousand 750 actions (17,3 % of an authorised capital stock), and company MGTS Finance S supervised by it. A. Has got 1 mlrd 501 million 410 thousand 556 actions (7,7 % of an authorised capital stock). As a result of perfect transactions the company has got 4 mlrd 879 million 584 thousand 306 ordinary registered stocks of Open Society the Investment company of communication .
Along with it MGTS Finance S. A. And the company 2711 Centerville Cooperatief U. A. Have concluded optsionnye the agreements giving 2711 Centerville Cooperatief U. A. The right of purchase and sale of 46 million 232 thousand actions Comstar - Incorporated Telesystems (11,06 % of the capital Comstar - OTS ) At MGTS Finance S. A. The option for purchase gives the companies 2711 Centerville Cooperatief U. A. The right to acquisition of 10,5 % of actions Comstar - OTS at the price of 6,97 dollars for the action also can be realised right after the conclusions optsionnogo agreements.
an option for purchase of 0,56 % of actions Comstar - OTS at the same price can be realised since April, 1st 2007. Both options can be realised within one year from the moment of signing optsionnogo agreements. The option for sale can be realised the company 2711 Centerville Cooperatief U. A. At the average market price for GDR Comstar - OTS within two years after realisation of an option for purchase.
making comments on the transaction, the chairman of board of directors Comstar - OTS the general director of the company System a Telecom Sergey ShChebetov has noticed that the given acquisition is carried out according to execution of the obligations accepted before investment community, on use of means from IPO on the acquisitions raising joint-stock cost of the company.
the minister of information technology and communication of the Russian Federation Leonid Rejman counts on more effective participation in Open Society development Svyazinvest the new investor - AFK System . It would be desirable to believe that a situation with development Svyazinvest will improve. The new investor - the strategist is interested in development of branch and infrastuktury. I hope for the positive scenario (developments) - L.Rejman has told, making comments on purchase the block - a share holding Svyazinvest .
Concerning the former owner of a share holding, the minister has noted: Leonard Blavatnik was the financial investor, and the Russian market has not deceived its hopes, it has received essential growth . L. Rejman also has underlined that conversations on bad development Svyazinvest are not proved, differently this transaction would not take place.
the Basic shareholder of Open Society Svyazinvest the state in person Rosimushchestva (50 % plus 1 action) and the Russian fund of federal property (25 % a minus of 2 actions) is. The blocking package (25 % plus 1 action) belongs to L.Blavatniku, it has got it for 625 million dollars at financier George Soros in 2004.
In Open Society structure Svyazinvest seven large inter-regional companies (Open Society " enter; TSentrTelekom Open Society severo - the Western Telecom Open Society VolgaTelekom Open Society JUTK Open Society Uralsvyazinform Open Society Sibirtelekom Open Society Dalsvjaz ) Six open joint-stock companies of telecommunication, not entered into inter-regional associations, Open Society Hyprocommunication and the largest operator long-distance and Open Society international telecommunication Rostelecom . Open Society Authorized capital stock Svyazinvest exceeds 19,5 mlrd rbl. and 1 rbl. the Aggregated net profit of the companies entering into Open Society " consists from 19 mlrd 518 million 337 thousand 220 ordinary actions face value; Svyazinvest for 9 months 2006. Has grown on 28 % against the similar period 2005. - to 18,873 mlrd rbl.