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At sold in Russia VW Passat malfunctions

Automobile concern of Volkswagen are found out has revealed a number of malfunctions at 2 thousand 700 cars of mark Passat, informs a press - service of the Russian representative office.
in this connection Volkswagen concern addresses to owners of cars Passat with the request to pass checkup of their vehicle at service stations of official dealers.
It is supposed that recommended preventive procedures can occupy about one hour. Representatives of Volkswagen will contact owners of faulty cars and will agree about elimination of all malfunctions at the official dealer of mark without any expenses from the automobile owner.
in the company message it is underlined that, in particular, at cars 2005 - 2007. At a torrential rain refusal of the electric motor of a screen wiper from - for hits in it of a moisture, and also on some cars with diesel engines probably damage of fastening of a cooler of fuel that can lead negermetichnosti fuel system is possible.
Besides, at some cars equipped with the engine 2,0 TFSI (147 kW/ 200 hp), damage of a vacuum hose that will lead to loss of efficiency of the assistant to braking and probable increase in a brake way of a vehicle is possible. In a press - service have noticed that the given malfunction cannot lead to refusal of brake system.
we will notice, on the eve of Volkswagen has declared a response more than 300 thousand cars of series Passat. From them 130 thousand have been withdrawn from the German market, 65 thousand more - from the USA and Canada.
in January of this year the American division of Volkswagen has withdrawn in the USA of 47 thousand cars of series Passat in connection with malfunctions in system of giving of fuel. For this reason the decision to withdraw more than 20 thousand models of Audi of series A4 and 7 thousand models of Audi A6 also was accepted. Audi AG is Volkswagen AG affiliated company.
Despite the financial losses caused by responses of cars, the company shows very considerable growth in 2006. Following the results of 9 months the net profit of this largest European motor-car manufacturer has increased by 76,6 % and has made 1,21 mlrd euro in comparison with 685 million euro received for the similar period on year before. A company gain for 9 months 2006. Has increased by 11,8 % and has made 77,03 mlrd euro against 68,91 mlrd euro year before.
the Company connects successful financial indicators with evolved sales of new models of Volkswagen Passat and Audi A4 which respond now.
we Will add that in the spring of this year Volkswagen has received the factory building licence in the Kaluga region. The first cars will descend from the conveyor in the autumn 2007. It is expected that capacity of the enterprise will make an order of 115 thousand cars in a year, it will allow to increase quantity of cars sold annually from present 30 thousand to 150 thousand
the German party intend to invest in manufacture of 270 million euro and to create 3500 workplaces. At factory will collect Skoda Octavia models, Volkswagen Golf, Polo, Passat. Also in a motorcar giant management plan to develop car model specially for Russia at the price not above 10 thousand euro. Thereby the German manufacturer intends to press in the Russian market of the Korean and American competitors.