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The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation: the Tax to real estate will be entered not earlier than 2010.

Stats - the secretary, the deputy minister of the finance of the Russian Federation Sergey Shatalov considers as an optimistical variant introduction of the tax to real estate with 2010. Before us there is a problem of introduction of the tax to real estate, but hardly we can solve it to 2010., and even 2010 - j year looks optimistically - he has noted, addressing to conferences the Estimation and the real estate taxation: the international experience and the Russian choice .
the Deputy minister has reminded that the tax to real estate should replace existing property taxes. According to S.Shatalov, for introduction of the given tax it is required a huge spadework .
In particular, it is necessary to create the register of objects of real estate, rigidly to connect this register with the register of proprietors of objects and also to create system of an estimation of objects of real estate. With. Shatalov has underlined that all system of the taxation of real estate should be under construction on the basis of market price. However, as he said, to spend an individual estimation of each object it is impossible, therefore expediently to use a mass estimation.
such estimation, according to S.Shatalov, will not give ideally exact result, but it will be suitable for creation of system of the taxation .
S.Shatalov has underlined that discussion about definition " is at the moment conducted; object of real estate . So, variants are considered, according to which it is possible to consider as object of real estate the ground area and buildings on it. Also there is an offer to divide these objects. Besides, it is offered to consider separately commercial and inhabited real estate.
Zamglavy of the Ministry of Finance also has noticed that, whatever decision was accepted, it will influence interbudgetary relations. Now property taxes gathers on 300 mlrd rbl. Annually, and they concentrate at regional and local levels. The existing balance, according to S.Shatalov, will be broken and displaced either in favour of subjects, or in favour of municipalities. In this connection it is required to make the decision which will regulate interbudgetary relations.