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The Asian metallurgists search where to put up money

Many Asian companies are ready to break a record on number of transactions of merges and absorption (mergers and acquisitions, M &A) in 2008. Against prices sharply growing recently for raw materials, it would be very favourable to investors of region to get the companies which are engaged in extraction of metals.
however experts notice that among them fierce struggle for acquisition of accessible actives at the reasonable prices is now conducted. And as the above-named territories are poor natural resources it is necessary potential buyers to ransack worldwide in search of the necessary company.
during this or that moment for a certain kind of resources hard-fought battle worldwide is conducted. Usually investors try to get any certain active - representative Lehman Brothers Kolin Banfild marks. But the price and availability are the basic problems as usually some buyers apply for one company at once.
if to consider mining sector, growth of interest to the companies of this branch was promoted by message BHP Billiton on intention to get Rio Tinto for 140 mlrd dollars Experts notice that this transaction has riveted attention of all investors and for certain China also will want to buy one of the companies in this branch. But such succession of events is improbable, as for Heavenly Empire such transactions too expensive. And experts say and that transaction BHP and Rio Tinto will lead to competition growth in this sector and will urge on world consolidation, transfers Reuters.
In the meantime only for last week the Indonesian and Chinese companies have concluded transactions M &A on purchase zinc, zhelezorudnyh and copper mines in Australia and the South America for a total sum 2 mlrd dollars And according to Thomson Financial, one of these transactions - acquisition Sinosteel Australian Midwest Corp for 1 mlrd the dollars - become in the Peoples Republic of China the largest transaction M &A in metallurgical sector.
it is necessary to notice also that, considering rather a small amount of the companies which now sell the actives, participants of the Asian market can pay the attention to small transactions (nearby 1 - 2 mlrd dollars) . They will use especial popularity, most likely, at China which cannot worry till now refusal of the American oil company of $18,5 - the milliard offer which has encountered furious resistance of the government of the USA.
after the broken transaction the Chinese companies became more careful and have turned the sight at Africa and the South America where the political opposition is not so strong. I think, Chineses have absolutely lost interest to transactions in territory of the USA, - analyst Kim Eng Securities of Larri Grejs marks. - And if they really have a possibility something to buy, they undoubtedly will make it .