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Inflation in the Russian Federation for the first 11 days of new year has made 0,8 %

For the first 11 days of new year consumer prices in Russia have grown on 0,8 %. For the similar period 2010. Inflation made 0,7 %, and as a whole for January - 1,6 %. Such data is resulted today by Federal Agency of the state statistics (Rosstat).
Following the results of the past year, according to department, consumer prices in the Russian Federation have grown on 8,8 %. Thus strong enough jump of inflation has been fixed last month 2010. Following the results of December of the price in Russia have grown on 1,1 % against growth on 0,4 % year before.
From 1 on January, 11th have aloud enough risen in price grechka and a potato - for 3,2 % and 7,5 % accordingly. The prices for millet and granulated sugar have grown on 2,1 % while beef, eggs, dairy drinks, sunflower-seed oil and vodka became more expensive on 0,8 - 1,2 %. The cabbage and an onions have risen in price for 4,8 % and 4,1 % accordingly.
the Prices for automobile gasoline have grown on 0,7 %, on diesel fuel - on 1,7 %.
Fare in the underground has increased by 6,4 %, on separate kinds of city ground transport - on 1,9 - 2,5 %. The payment for the electric power has increased on 5,6 %, for heating, water supply and water removal - on 3,3 - 3,8 %, for habitation in houses of the state and municipal available housings - on 2,8 %.
Earlier the head of Bank of Russia Sergey Ignatyev predicted that inflation will start to be slowed down only in II quarter 2011. I think that Russia in II quarter will return on a trajectory of decrease in inflation, and following the results of 2011. We will be entered in the official forecast on inflation at a rate of 6 - 7 % - he marked in the beginning of December of the past year.
the official forecast of the government assumes inflation following the results of 2011. At level of 6,5 %, in 2012. Decrease in this indicator to 6 %, and to 2013 is expected. - to 5,5 %.