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Deficiency of trading balance of the USA was slightly reduced

Negative balance of trading balance of the USA in November 2010. Has decreased in monthly calculation on 100 million dollars, having made 38,3 mlrd dollars, has informed the country Ministry of Trade. In comparison with October export of the American goods and services has increased on 1,2 mlrd dollars, and almost on as much (1,1 mlrd dollars) Import to the country has grown also.
analysts predicted that deficiency of trade of the USA will increase to 41 mlrd dollars
the Key indicator - trading deficiency of the USA with China - too remained practically without changes. In November rupture between import and export has made 25,6 mlrd dollars, having increased all on 0,1 mlrd dollars Americans began to buy more and more the computers made in China. In turn Chineses have established a record on demand for the American goods that has allowed to observe balance.
for 11 months 2010. Trading deficiency of the USA has increased by 36 %, having reached 458,6 mlrd dollars From them 252 mlrd dollars have on trade with China.
as to Russia, it too brings the mite in formation of the general deficiency of trading balance of the USA, though also much more modest (only 18 mlrd dollars for January - November 2010.) .
In many respects restraint of trading deficiency of the USA last months was promoted by the weak dollar favorably influencing for the American export. The local maximum in the international currency market it reached in June and then the American trading deficiency reached the maximum 2010., having surpassed 50 mlrd dollars