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The MAYOR and the Ministry of Finance have not guessed with a budgeted deficit in 2010.

Deficiency of the federal budget of the Russian Federation in 2010. Has made 3,9 % from gross national product. Such preliminary data was published today at session of presidium of the government by Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin.
budget incomes have made 8,3 trln rbl. and have exceeded a planned target on 5,4 %. Budget execution under expenses - 10,09 trln rbl. that has made 97,9 % to the plan. Thus, we managed to reduce deficiency to 1,79 trln rbl., or 3,9 % of gross national product in comparison with predicted in the beginning 2010. 5,3 % of gross national product - A.Kudrin has told.
he also has informed that the average price for oil in 2010. Has made 77,5 dollars for barr. At the forecast in 75 dollars that has given to the budget additional 110 mlrd rbl. of incomes. As a result of it the budgeted deficit has decreased on 0,6 percentage points.
if the macroeconomic forecast has taken place as we planned, deficiency would make 4,5 % of gross national product. Additional incomes managed to be received for the account of improvement of administration and of some other actions - the minister has noticed.
A.Kudrin also has informed that a part of expenses of the budget in 2010. Has been saved, in particular, at the expense of payments in the Euroasian economic community (EvrAzES) in the sum 54 mlrd rbl., 26 more mlrd rbl. it has been saved on state debt service.
in spite of the fact that during the current year the budget too is imposed with considerable deficiency, the head of financial department has opposed expenditure of means of Reserve fund in 2011. In its opinion, there are inflationary and external risks, and on their background to spend fund is inexpedient.
Zanjatno that the total figure on deficiency has not coincided with one of the forecasts which have been put forward in December by two profile departments - the Ministry of economic development (MAYOR) and the Ministry of Finance. The MAYOR radiated optimism on the given indicator - its forecast made 3,5 - 3,8 % from gross national product. Pessimistic And. Kudrin objected: in its opinion, total deficiency of the federal budget should make approximately 4,1 - 4,2 %.
the Difference in estimations even has drawn attention of premieres - the minister of the country Vladimir Putin who has suggested A.Kudrin to look in the end of the year, what ministry considers is better.
initially deficiency of the federal budget of the Russian Federation on 2010. Has been planned at level of 5,3 %. In process of receipt of additional incomes (the prices for oil have appeared above, than it was expected) this figure has started to be reduced. However the greatest contribution to plug reduction between incomes and budget expenses was brought by the government which catastrophically has not had time to master all items in the budget.