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Spain has supported a course of uniform European currency

Prompt decrease in a course of the uniform European currency, begun in the first days of new year, today was replaced by growth. Good demand at the Spanish auction after confident sale of the Portuguese debt papers has strengthened euro, but some analysts believe that eurocurrency growth will be limited.
Spain has sold today five years` state bonds for a total sum 3 mlrd euro with profitableness of 4,54 % annual. At November auction profitableness was aloud more low - an order of 3,6 % annual, but demand from investors still remains high enough. The book of demands for today`s bonds was perepodpisana twice, informs Reuters.
Right after the Spanish auction of euro has grown to a mark 1,3171 dollars and it was definitively restored after falling in the beginning of week to a minimum from the middle of September at level 1,2860 dollars The Portuguese and Spanish auctions caused fears in the beginning of week, but both have passed successfully enough - currency strategist Barclays Capital of Ragav Subbarao marks. However, as he said, in intermediate term prospect there are fears how debt problems of these countries will be resolved.
Besides, support to eurocurrency was rendered by statements of German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Shojble that the eurozone countries work over a full package for the decision of problems of the economic block which should be co-ordinated by February - to March 2011.
In euro world market FOREX adds already 1,38 %, bargaining now on a mark 1,3313 dollars/ euro. Quotations of the American currency thus decrease, including to yen. At present the dollar becomes cheaper on 0,2 % - to 82,815 yens/ dollars