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The external debt of the Russian Federation has grown on 3,4 % for 2010.

the External debt of the Russian Federation including debts of state structures, banks and the companies of the Russian Federation, has grown following the results of 2010. On 3,4 % - to 482 mlrd 976 million dollars These are tentative estimations of Bank Russia published today.
the Greatest contribution to increase in an external debt placing of sovereign bonds for the sum 5,5 mlrd has granted dollars It there was a first state external loan of Russia with 1998.
Earlier today the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has presented statistics on internal debts. Expressed in the state securities, for 2010. This indicator has increased by 34 % and as of January, 1st 2011. Has made 2,46 trln rbl.
Now a state debt total volume in Russia makes about 11 % from gross national product.
in the project of the federal budget on 2011 - 2013. It is provided that the budgeted deficit on 70 - 80 % will be financed at the expense of the state loans. The next years it is offered to make the basic part of loans in home market at preservation of certain presence in foreign markets.
According to the project of the federal budget of Russia on 2011 - 2013., realisation of the state loans in the international markets of the capital is planned in volume 7 mlrd dollars annually. According to forecasts of the Ministry of Finance, a public debt in 2011. Will make 13,6 % to gross national product, in 2012. - 15,7 %, in 2013. - 17,4 %.
During the period to 2014. The volume of external obligations of the state will increase in 1,5 times, remaining within 2,3 trln rbl., internal - will increase in 2,5 times, having reached 8,5 trln rbl.