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Experts: Greece the destiny of Zimbabwe

the Exit of Greece from an eurozone waits can turn back the scale accident accompanied by social disorders, record inflation and a military coup d`etat. Such opinion analysts British have stated a hedge - fund Toscafund, transfers Reuters.
If Greece will leave an euro zone the establishment in the country of new currency will be impossible, and delay will lead to withdrawal of contributions from banks and to capital outflow economists believe.
also analysts predict a hyperinflation, mass emigration and isolation of Greece in the financial markets. inflation in this case on the rates will remind that we can observe in Zimbabwe. Further more and more the people, incapable to leave the country, will get for a poverty line, disorders " will begin; - one of experts has declared.
following the results of passed in Berlin on January, 9th 2012. German chancellor Angela Merkel meetings and the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy the European leaders have once again urged Athenes to take necessary measures for observance of the arrangements reached with the international creditors, having expressed readiness otherwise to refuse to Greece the financial help.
at this A.Merkel has declared that Germany and France will make everything that Greece remained in an eurozone, but also from the country serious efforts be required.