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The external background before the auctions in Russia has to growth

the External background to start the auctions in the Russian market on Friday, on January, 13th, has to growth. Optimistical closing of the markets of the USA the day before, growth of the Asian indexes and the prices for oil can provide to buyers of the Russian actions the good beginning of day.
on Thursday has passed session of the European central bank (ETSB) in which course in full conformity with expectations of the markets the regulator has left the base rate of refinancing without changes - at level in 1,0 % annual. During session it has been noticed that the European central bank (ETSB) expects that economic activity in a zone of the reference of euro will be restored during 2012., though also very slow rates. For many investors understanding depth of recession in an eurozone, it is enough even of these it is moderate - positive forecasts for the begun year.
an external background the Share auctions in Europe on January, 12th 2012. Were closed raznonapravlennym by change of leading indexes. Investors are adjusted uncertainly, despite the auctions which have passed successfully of state papers of Italy and Spain on which considerable depreciation of loans has been reached. Following the results of the auctions British FTSE 100 has gone down on 8,4 points (- 0,15 %) - to 5662,42 points, French CAC 40 - on 4,85 points (- 0,15 %) - to 3199,98 points, Swiss SMI has raised on 10,03 points (+0,17 %) - to 6018,07 points, and German DAX - on 26,87 points (+0,44 %) to 6179,21 points.
the European bank sector has thus finished trading session in green to a zone: so, papers British Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group have risen in price for 1,78 % and 3,48 % accordingly. Actions British Royal Bank of Scotland have grown on 5,5 % after the company declared reductions. Quotations French Societe Generale and BNP Paribas have raised on 2,48 % and 3,73 %, German Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank - on 4,87 % and 1,49 %.
Stock exchanges of the USA have finished the auctions of Thursday in a green zone. S &P has raised on 0,23 % - to 1295 points, NASDAQ - on 0,51 % - to 2724 points, index Dow Jones on 0,17 % - to 12471 points.
nevertheless decrease in indexes in the beginning of the auctions was promoted by disappointing macroeconomic news. Volume of retails in the USA in December 2011., according to the report of the Ministry of Trade of the country, has raised on 0,1 % in comparison with November. Analysts predicted more substantial increase of volume of retails - on 0,3 %. Besides, according to Ministry of Labor of the USA, number of initial requirements on unemployment benefit payment for a week which has come to the end on January, 7th 2012., in comparison with a similar indicator of previous week has raised to 399 thousand Experts expected that this indicator will make 375 thousand requirements.
at the share auctions in Asia on Friday mainly positive dynamics prevailed. By 07:30 Moscow time index Nikkei 225 has become stronger on 1,05 %, Hang Seng on 0,15 %, Shanghai Composite - has decreased on 1,27 %, All Ordinaries has grown on 0,21 %.
Commodity rynokv Thursday oil futures mainly decreased. The official price of oil Brent at electronic commodity exchange InterContinental Exchange Futures Europe (IE Futures Europe) following the results of the auctions on January, 12th 2012. Has gone down on 0,98 dollars and has made 111,26 dollars/ barr. The official price of oil WTI (Light Sweet) at urgent commodity exchange New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in New York following the results of the auctions on January, 12th 2012. Has gone down on 1,77 dollars and has made 99,10 dollars/ barr.
As of 07:40 Moscow time on Friday the price of the contract for oil Brent was on a mark 111,70 dollars/ barr. (+0,42 %), the future on Light Sweet bargained at level 99,56 dollars/ barr. (+0,46 %).
Forex Friday, on January, 13th, euro pair/ the dollar on Forex bargains at level of 1,2827 points (09:00 Moscow time). Euro intensively became stronger the day before, since January, 12th of steam of euro/ dollar has added 126 points. Similar growth has been caused by expectations moderately - positive forecasts on 2012. From head of ETSB Mario of the Drag, in short-term prospect of euro has serious chances to grow to level 1,2917 dollars However long-term expectations on dynamics of pair much less optimistical.
analysts Capital Economics consider that the euro will fall. According to experts, prospect of a direction of a monetary policy in an eurozone and the USA, and also probability of disintegration of the European Union in 2012. Say that the euro can fall even more strongly. The forecast of analysts for the end 2012. Makes 1,10. Experts are assured that ETSB will refuse increase in volume of purchases of state bonds, fears of an aggravation of debt crisis will emerge on a surface. Besides, pressure upon euro will cause fears of plural defaults and European Union disintegration. Disintegration can already occur in 2012. That will be provoked by an exit of Greece from the European Union, analysts Capital Economics have noted.
the Markets aktsijtorgi in the Russian share market on Wednesday, on January, 12th, have come to the end raznonapravlennoj with dynamics of share indexes. So, following the results of the trading session which have passed the day before, the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has decreased on 0,06 % - to 1464,53 points, RTS index has grown up on 0,38 % - to 1458,28 points. Value of index RTS Standard has decreased on 0,1 % and has made 10025,51 points. The volume of the auctions on an incorporated platform of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS has made more than 290 mlrd rbl. According to analysts of Uralsib Kepital, in the remained days of week the situation in the market on - former will be defined by concern concerning the European debts. Potential fall by some agencies of sovereign ratings is one more theme which investors try to win back now. In this connection analysts expect preservation volatilnosti and neutral opening of the auctions in the Russian market.
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