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The dollar official rate has lost 10 copeck

the Auctions in currency section of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on rouble pass today with raznonapravlennoj dynamics. On the one hand, the Russian currency considerably concedes euro, with another - confidently restricts currency American. A dollar official rate to the rouble, established by Bank of Russia since January, 14th 2012., has decreased for 10 copeck and has made 31,5830 rbl./ dollars
Thus uniform European currency rises in price - as of 12:30 Moscow time the average rate of euro calculations tomorrow made 40,6363 rbl./ euro that for 32 copeck above level of closing of the last trading day. The minimum transactions on euro are made at level 40,53 rbl./ euro, maximum - 40,661 rbl./ euro.
dynamics on counter courses speaks position market FOREX where today the euro confidently restricts dollar on all fronts. Thus experts believe that the dollar will continue to become cheaper to rouble: Besides correctional moods in euro steam/ the dollar, rouble can support and sale of a currency gain of the beginning the day before of the tax payments starting the next week. It is not excluded, as the oil market will try to make up for lost time after the night sales noticed after occurrence of the information that the EU countries will delay input of embargo on import of oil from Iran for 6 months.
at this conjuncture important level of resistance for pair dollar/ the rouble can become a mark 31,68 rbl., support will lie around 31,53 rbl. Pass of the bottom border opens possibility for speculation for the fall of pair up to 31,28 rbl., the analyst Promsvjazbanka Anton Zaharov marks.