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The prime minister of Ukraine N.Azarov: War with Russia - absurdity

New gas war from the Russian Federation will not be. Such position was stated by the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov, answering questions of journalists, transfers - Ukraine .
What for to us with Russia to be at war? It in general an absurd question. We even to speak about it we do not gather. Certainly, economic interests are both at us, and at them. We will agree - the head of the Ukrainian cabinet has told.
also N.Azarov has expressed opinion that use of coal instead of gas in Ukraine is expedient and economically defensible only at the high price for the Russian gas.
when gas costs 416 dollars (for 1 thousand cubic) as it now costs, coal use expediently and economically defensible. But if gas cost is an order 220 dollars, coal use in comparison with gas becomes inefficient. Therefore we should work very flexibly and flexibly build the economic policy, because this all the vastest expenses - N.Azarov has noted.
as he said, the government of Ukraine carries on negotiations with Russia on gas, but prepares the country for that it has sustained the high price for gas.
earlier Ukraine has informed that intends to lower purchases of the Russian gas in 2012. To 27 mlrd cubic m. However the official representative of Gazprom Sergey Kuprijanov after that has declared that it cannot lower volume bought in 2012. Gas to such volumes.
according to the contract, change of annual volumes basically cannot exceed 20 %. In 2012., as all know, the contract standard item makes 52 mlrd cubic m and even purely theoretically cannot be lowered to 27 mlrd cubic m - S.Kuprijanov has told. He has added that No documents on change of standard items of the Russian gas subscribed for Ukraine having underlined that a question on reduction of volumes at numerous negotiations about decrease with 2012. The prices for the Russian gas the Ukrainian party did not rise in general.